Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Nerve of this Fat Guy called ....

Most folks get socks, fruitcake, ties or p.j.'s the right thing to get. Then tell me why me? Did I really holler at that darn cat? Did I hid my hubby's socks? Did I ...did I??? Why of course not! This is out ragious! I am going to protest but, I need to find out where this fat guy goes when he is finished. It would be too easy to find him the cold North Pole, I do not care what they say ...he's in a sunny and warm location with a cool drink, thinking about how my reaction was when I reached in my stocking and pulled out this!!!!
I really have to go back and see if I really deserved this...I will let you know when I find out!
Other then this set back to my personalty, the season was a great one. My hubby did make up the hurt of Santa's gift, he really can pick gifts!
I really cannot think of what I did ....I might need some help from people, no wait...never mind...
it's OK, I think I can remember on my
Will write later in the day when I can discuss other matters, like a nice blog of the dolls and the approaching challenges that are on my list.
This year I will follow the one and only vow that I make on New Years...Finish What I start...commission and projects.... Right,
as always
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you

Sunday, December 16, 2007

December 16, 2007 6 More Days!

Joyeux Noel!
Happy Christmas! Tree? Nope! On Strike! this year I my hands have been playing up, so much that in January when Bumblebee Lane
is open, I will be only half in the American market. I find that I cannot do both ... so I am going back to the creations for Europe.
I decided to let my hands rest and that means just a little Christmas this year. I decorated, the dinning area, Arizona room and of course the tea tables and all things in the entertainment however...No Trees! No outdoor decorations, however my hubby did decide to surprise me with an 8 foot fountain in the side garden, Bumblebee Lane's windows face this side garden so it is a great pleasure to be on the computer,
What's this? Tunnies? Oh them...I grew them from seeds and they decided to bloom for me in December....On of those Astro Grows...I have had herbs that I did not know what to do with...
Strawberries and Roman lettuce....Fun little item for gardeners.
So, back to Christmas.....The Tinsel Elf is a rather larger then life Pin Doll for Mary it is our December swaps. I got a wonderful Santa from her and it is an actual pin doll...Tiny and neat.
As, my hands are playing up this little elf grew and grew and grew....she is around 9 too bad. I hope Mary forgives me , I will post this and a Christmas Bag to her on Monday. Hubby assures me that she will get it by Christmas...ayah 6 days??? Fingers crossed.
So, that's it. If, I do not get back to you real soon, As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you . And again Joyeux Noel!

Tunnies in December? Go figure...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December 10th, 2007

Merry Christmas...
Would like to wish everyone of you a
terrific Christmas & Happy & Safe New Year!
Bumblebee Lane Studio
has been on hold since November.
I took my sabbatical this year a little early. As it has been so very cold and rain here in Arizona, I have just not been into designing.
I will be back on line in a week or so,
I have lots of new thoughts and offerings to
display for you.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you and

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Chinese Opera Threater & Black & White Swaps

Where does the time go?
Last I recall it was autumn ...Halloween ...
Now it is almost December 1st! Christmas!
Gads....I thought I would get a head start on the shopping thingy....went into Lowe's ..what a waste of time. First, if you are a gal and have that look on your face that says....This is way beyond my knowledge...sales people run from you!
Actually, I was in the section for air guns, drivers and compressors....guess who wants a combo....well, after almost 40 minutes reading each and every descriptions...I was still in the dark!
I had picked up a block of seeds ... that's about all. The doves and quail who live in the side garden were assured a gift....Nope! went to check out in the garden department...I park there and go in....the gates were closed....and so I left the cart, with the block of seeds, jumped in my car...headed home to enjoy an espresso! No one thing purchased!!
That was 2 days ago! I did manage to finish several of the dolls for swaps. Pictured is my selection for my partner in Pin doll Alley of a Kabuki Clown ...and the little Kimono Bag that I
make for the pins to travel in and for storage.
Starting December....the theme is Santa or his Elf's....I worked on a the face one day....normally I have to do several faces before I am pleased....first one was a good I worked on the
body, hands, and the beset parts...embellishments and hats....She turned out rather sparkling.
I cannot post till it is posted to my partner, speaking of which, this is my second month in a row I am still waiting for my partners to get off their butts and send me my little dolls.
Halloween pin and this month Black and White swap.
The partner I had before pin arrived trashed out. Needless to say I am not getting good results from these three swaps. Mike suggested that I wait till I get one before I send one.
Sounds like a plan to me.....
It has turned winter while I turned my back. Cold, rain and very cold at night.
I wish someone would send me the Christmas Cheer as I am just not in the mood for Christmas!
On that note I will leave always Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fall is in the air!

Fall is in the air! Has been glorious here in Arizona! Snow Birds have arrived and prices are up, but what the heck, Fall is in the air! Above is the latest of Tea Cozies.

This Tea Cozy is rather small in size compared to its sisters and brothers. It fits a small only. Made in the style of Lady Grey's Puffy Stuff, only it has fabric to shine and not embroidery designs. The fabrics used are silks, brocades, velvets and taffeta ...It is lined in a a chocolate taffeta with bees

embroidered on the inside....I did mention no embroidery? I I have to have some on the things! A bee here in Bumblebee Lane plays a great part of my gardens, and in my embroidery. You can find almost always some of natures ways,,be it butterfly's as large as your head, grasshoppers. frogs,

spiders and such. Bees ...I love the little creatures.

The tea cozy sits on a doily of fall embroidered leaves.....and comes with the tea cozy. It will be on intro price for a short period as it has to make way for the Christmas Cozy that is still on the drawing table....I know, time is short. lol
These pictures do not show the chain of jewels that are attached, glass beads and The Face of the Green man see more of this cozy please go to my picture trail and I will have an entire album on this Fall Tea Cozy that is named...for the leaves and the tiny little face of "The Green Man".

I have always had an affection for nature and the green in life.

Without green we cannot live. More picturers of "The Green Man".

As always, Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.


Friday, October 12, 2007

I am working on it!

Gemstone Necklace Available for Holiday Wearing. All items can be found in the web site of

This shows the Day of the Dead Tea Cozy, it is lined in an Orange (color of marigolds- flower of the bead) and stripped! This is a fun and Seasonal item.
Meet Mr. Spider, he is on a Tea Tray Napkin. And available on my web site. The spider and his web are made from silver metallic threads. It is not a real great picture, I am wangling a new camera .....big grin....
Have been a busy bee of late. Have not been keeping up with my blog or web site ,SO I went into my web site scrubbed it clean and realized that all most all of the items had been sold!

I was really on a break! It is time to get back into the studio "B" and get busy ...Seasonal items are what I have been working on, more like fun then work.

Have added a Spider Halloween Tea Tray, Day of the Dead Tea Cozy, and I am so excited...A starter piece of gemstone jewelery!

This is the first necklace and I believe it is full of glamour.
I am so excited, and want to put other bracelets ts up but, the pictures do not due justice to the gems.
So, I wait.

It is still hot here in Arizona, I long for the cooler nights and days for that matter.
It has been a pleasure in my gardens and lots of work was done these late evenings.
Hope you enjoy the new and improved web site, It is slow but "I;m working on it!"
As always, Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Miss Ghesia! Here she is again!

Here she is again!
You never know when or where she will turn up! lol

The original Geisha was on a tea cozy.
When it sold and I placed it in her travel box,
I felt like a part of me had flown away...
I thought about it, as I could not make another
tea cozy...
However, while I was stitching my chairs , recovering them...
I thought! '
Why Not!
It;s not a tea cozy...
she has become
My Chair!

This is the second chair I covered.

It has the initial M in a circle,

My hubby's name is Mike! M for Mike...duh!

I also have finished the third chair but my cam er batteries are I will post next time.

I still have one chair left!

For the life of me, this is the hardest.

I ask my Kat...what she wanted and she keep changing her mind!

I thought about a fat black cat...this really got her going!

With a zillion designs in my stash....a light will go off when I see the one I want.

Have a Wonderful week,

as always

Silvery Moonbeams

to watch over you,


Mask Ball ...the Witches Hour!

LuLu awaiting her hat and the coach!
Poor old LuLu ...still waiting for her Hat!!!!!
Yep, still waiting! lol
LuLu Love I will get to you!
Stay tuned....
As always
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you

LuLu Duva

Day of the Dead!

Here in Arizona, many many of the people are Mexican and

they celebrate

The Festival of Bones

Dia de los muertos,

the skeletons jump for sheer joy! No wonder! there ready to party!

This tea cozy will be placed on
It is just a cotton print and the lining is also a fun and festive
cotton print.
The colors and flowers of the El Festical de las Calaveras
orange and marigolds!
Sugar molds and sweet breads Pan de Muerto.
The art work for the celebration
is unique.
I found a book about Frida Kahio
an artist of Mexico.
It was a wonderful book! Her art work is just stunning.
I have many times crossed the border and
noticed that in the art galleries the folk art of Mexico and colors are
brilliant and everywhere!.
Another book find that is another love of mine is
The Pierrot.
This new book is more of a research book,
The triumph of Pierrot!
I have a great collection of Pierrot and related books.
The more I read the more I fall in love.
Friday! The week was extremely productive, I try not to work in my studio on the weekend,
my hubby and I try and get away for the 5 days of work
Tomorrow their is a Fiddlers Competition!
We attended last year! From the very very small to blue grass and the concert violinist!
A great festival, almost a great as the Balloons!
As always
Silvery Moonbeams
to you

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Introducing tha Bag Lady!

Introducing Ruth Ann to the World of Blog and
Her opening of the new Web sight..
Ruth Ann will be producing ooak Purses!
I am excited for her!
You can find her web sight here:
And.. her new blog:Bag Lady
I believe she is still working on her sights, so keep checking back to view
her ooak items!
As Always,
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you,

The Bag Lady and Mermaids...This Time Around

Hello! And Welcome Back! Whats been happening? The photo's of the Mermaids are a pin and little bag made for Kelly Bell for Pin Doll Alley's pin doll exchange for September. The bag is the up side down mermaid! The Red hair in a sea storm is the actually little pin. The older I get the more difficulty in turning the little ones, This one just could not get turned, So I trimmed it close and painted it! Sure hope Kelly does not look to close! lol...Also, I would have to mention that Ruth Ann of Tenn. Has opened her first web sight! ...called She also has opened the door to a blog. Bag Lady
Please, if you have time to check out this beautiful gal, Please do. When I went earlier She had
posted a picture to her homepage....Riding on a Camel! I am sure as later in the week Ruth Ann
will be posting her ooak bags and don't forget to leave a message for her. I wish her the extreme best. I am anxious to view her items....I know she loves laces and velvets and well she is without a doughty The Bell of a Southern Ball, Ruth Ann and her hubby live in a big old southern home in Tenn. Welcome to the World of blog, webs and tad poles!
Also, news for doll artists would be our own Kat Lees, She has just posted her Christmas elves
for your delight. I purchased her second doll, as it had a full skirt and I just know that it will make a great Tea Cozy! Please have a look at our Kat .... and from there you can travel to her picture trail and her Esty Store.
Also, if you would also take a look at the this is the creations of Connie! I know that these talented ladies will amaze you and delight you.
I am getting ready for Halloween .... I am in my third child hood. I have to start real early as
I do the entire house. My Halloween Stuffy Puffy SOLD today! Thank You, Thank You. Thank You!
Finishing up I have one more chair to cover for my Arizona Room, and for my hubby's birthday...I got new furniture and a new table that is so high (pub table they are called) if I fell off of the thing I would crack my head! lol. I will be finishing up a doll for posting hopefully on
Friday....after my visit with The Doctor!
As Always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you and yours

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Witches Brew Puffy Stuff

Is it Halloween Yet?
How I love Halloween! I always start way to early for a normal person! lol I finished this one
in a little under 3 months, consider this one a fast Crazy Quilt! lol
No such thing as a fast crazy quilt .... Been extremely hot here in Arizona! Loads of humidity and not much rain going on.
People say this has to be the hottest summer in a very long time. We are looking for a weekend coming up of cooler temperatures....90?
Now, to start on some Autumn, everyone seems to just rush by Thanksgiving. So, I am going to devote some time for giving Thanks, for health, friends and family.
As always Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you,

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tagged! You Have Been Tagged!

Tagged! I was tagged by the sweet Nat Handmade!
Thanks Girlfriend.
Now, I believe I am to tag another,
It wasn't a hard choice, as I have loads of people I admire , There are so many talented people
in our community of artists. But, there are a few that I cannot forget to mention in this game of tag...First is Connie McBride ., Connie is an inspiration in all art forms. She is always the very first to reply to someones needs and always so very cheerful, I admire here for her self, then as an artist. I hate to visit her blog and she always makes me feel like I am siting on my hands. She is always the first for just about any new technique.
SO, Dear Connie, I have Tagged You. You well deserve this.
Next, I would have to say it is another cheerful and honest gal, Kat Lees I probably would not be well into the "faces"..She was actually the encouragement to give the "face" a go. I had never in my life taken an on line class of any kind.
She had a CD of her classes and well, the rest is history, So Missie Kat! I have tagged you for your kindness and talent.
I know there must be a zillion who I could name, the members of the Pin Doll Alley are all worthy of a tags, but I know they will be Tagged sooner or later.
A special Thanks to Nat Handmade for her tagged to me and If, I could I would tag her right back! She is my hero, I adore her classes and new and refreshing instructions. Each class is prepared for the "project". Not one class offered in books, classes and it is the same old same old! I have taken other classes but I have made up my mind that I will wait for her classes. I have learned so very much from her.
So, Connie, Kat ....get busy and get a tagging.....
Big Hugs to both you gals,

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Introducing "Midsummers Eve" ...

Midsummer's Eve
Puffy Stuffy Tea Cozy
6 months in the making,
This is a large Crazy Quilt self-
padded tea cozy, lined in a rich purple velvet.
Weight is 2 lbs 4.oz.
And it is a rare beauty.
The Puffy Stuffy Tea Cozy is my own design,
All laces and stand alone motifs are produced in my studio
This one is an exceptional beauty, many of the designs are
from my favorite designers, Jo Ellen Husky of Husky designs made the exceptional trims....Miakay the Folk Rabbits,
The beading is all hand done and the smocking is also a hand procedure.
This is truly a labor of love and is on an intro price of
$899.00 till November of 2007, When it will go up in price along with the other large hand created Lady Grey Puffy Stuffy Line.
This item comes with its own travel box and goodies,
and is insured and registered
along with free postage.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.
To purchase this item please go to the home page of
for your Pay Pal buy button.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

LuLu Diva ....Marvelous Darlin'

Meet LuLu...Diva...Marvelous Darling!
Nat Handmade class is the inspiration for this newest Tea Cozy! She does not look like a tea cozy to you? Aha look closer!
You can see her big butt...I...a...mean bustle?
She is just a wanna bee Diva right now but, LuLu will take shape ....If, you like you can watch...AS I paint her face, give her hair and a big big hat!
Her dress well, got to think about this one...Would she be happy as Paris Hilton? A glass in her hand and a ankle bracket? Or as a red head with a Queens Crown on her head...
Any ideas you got...Give to me , I am working on 4 tea cozies as I think about this one.
So many notes in my journal and so little time.
Been shopping and you know that takes time.
So, if I have not dropped in on you for a chat, you know I am real busy creating.
And gardening ... and, just life.
As always, Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mummy???Or New Tea Cozy? Mummy!

Mummy...Mummy or a New Face for a Tea Cozy????
You got me!
This is a beginning of a new and unique technique from Our Miss Nat Handmade.

This new class is killing me! I must admit I am bit late, even having to order all the fabric for this beautiful face! What? You do not see a beautiful face? I am looking and I see the most beautiful face of all!

Wait...Wait....I mean I will be doing a beautiful face....This is a bid on the large side, Nat's face may have measured around 2 inches....but, I needed a big face! So, I started big! lol

I still need to work on this, but you can see there is not seam down the center of this face! Correct?

This is the lesson...A seamless 3 -D doll face..A seamless beautiful doll face! Well, I am working on it!

Next, A series of new books along with Harry Potter (I am a third of the way not ask me to tell...I will not!)

The books are for the fine art of Knot making....You can see by the finished examples that these are great books!

I also had some help from some templates that I got from Folkwear! I am also waiting for a book I ordered from e:bay directly from China....Lines and Knots, Tea pots and handles! Ohhh...I cannot wait for this one to get here...

Well, as you can see....Oh!!! I forgot,,.,The Blue Willow set of 4 mugs and tea pot and cozy Sold...even before I got an opportunity to post it on the Monday.

A gal came in to the studio and saw the finished product, I had just started to take pictures of this set, She liked what she saw and BAM! it was gone.

I will be working on another but not in the near future. Too many irons in the fire ....

It is on the burner....SO, I am sorry that you missed this one, but there will be plenty of others.

My little notebook is jammed with projects that come to me in the night!

So, as always, Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.


Whats New!~

New, and Updated.
Hello, I know I have been not posting, but I have been so busy with finishing and starting new items.
I also have been working on a new and quite different Tea Cozy, Most of you know that I am always on the hunt for "brand New Designs" So that others may copy mine! I got to keep them busy ....
I have been taking classes from Miss. Nat and this last face class is a class...I have never in my life worked as hard on a face! Are you reading this my brilliant Miss.Nat???
I needed a new and unique tea cozy, well, I v=believe I have found it.
This one is taking all of my time and as I have been working on 2 velvet master pieces of my Puffy Stuff Tea Cozy line...A lot of hand stitching is going on here in Bumblebee Lane.
I think you will love the next line of tea cozies to be offered.
I will show you the face! Now, I know it does not look like much now...But, Just wait!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Zundt Free Standing Laces 10 inches

Zundt Laces for Sale.
You choose the color from your threads or fabrics you are using for your projects.
You click on the Buy Button on my we sight....
and in the space provided your order
as many 10 inch units you want and tell me the color number of thread or e:mail me with your request.
Price of this free standing lace? $15.00 plus $3.95 postage $18.95 for every 10 inches you want.
Need help in choosing the laces..?
go to the Zundt web sight...take a look at their laces....tell me the number, You have your the color you want and in the amount you want.
Look for a buy now button much lower on the web sight. Under the picture.

This is the Blue Willow Tea Pot and 4 mugs in addition to a Blue Willow Tea Cozy that is to be placed for sale on Monday, Juli 23, 2007
This set does come with free postage, insurance.
Blue Willow tea cozy, China Tea Pot and 4 China Mugs in the blue Willow pattern.
It does not come in a travel box and does not have a dust cover.
It does come with a box of Lady Grey teabags. To get you started straight away.
This combo of all items listed will be $299.00
A buy button will be found under the item listed on
Thank You for looking and as always, Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter!

Harry Potter!
Yah....Right to my door! Do I have to tell you what I will be doing this Sunday?

I ador this series!

Well written, adventurous and Makes me feel like a kid again!

Been to tucson again! With that same crazy girlfriend of mine!
We went to World Market, some wonderful red! Coupon in hand!

A red tea pot and cups in red and black....
And a clear fat pot...
Look at this Kat! He is just as relaxed as can be?
Mike sent to Dr. Fosters to get a
plug in tha has a sent of comfort for cats that are stressed...When I say stressed...I really mean cats that scratch up all your sets of chairs, and
couches and started in on the furniture.....It said in the advertisment that it means that the cats are stressed!
Now, I ask you...DOes this cat look stressed???

You should see me! WHen I find that hes attacked yet another of my chairs!!! Now that is the picture of stressed!

This is a new orchaid....Lady Slipper....When I saw it in Traders Joes in Tucson it called to me.....From the Little Shop of Horrors....remember this?
Feed Me! As it gre to hugh heights! Feed ME!!!!
He's just a little things now...but, I told that Kat to watch out......Could that be another reason he is stressed? I say things like you best behave......or
Feed Me......????
Well, enough of this for Saturday....I am finishing up another ghesia and still working on another Crazy Quilt Puffy Stuffy in Medium for Bumblebee Lane Sales....
Got a package of Oat Crisps (cookies) and
well...Harry is awaiting...
As always...
SilveryMoonbeams to Watch over you...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Gheshia and LeChets

Ghesia number 4 . Golden Butterfly.
This is a rather oversized white velvet and purple crushed tea cozy.
For a very large tea pot or for a cover for your favorite tea maker machine.
This 18 inches by 13 inches can cover my tea maker machine.
Her dress is metallic gold threads and raw silks. The large signature 3-d golden butterfly is a real stunner. This phot does not capture her beauty.
If, interested in her to purchase, She can be found on my web sight:

A buy now button would be located for her sales if you scroll down the page.

This is a closer view of the 3D Signature butterfly's

Introducing Le Chet for your pleasure. Fits a medium 4-6 cup and is lined in black micro suede, The 2 panels have 5 cats each and one with a golden metallic moon.
This is a cute little tea cozy and would make a nice surprise for that special someone on your list, or to purchase for your tea experiences.

Here in Arizona it is a rather pleasant evening and all is quiet.
For me all of my Christmas commissions have been drafter and sent, made and given for inspection for the up coming Christmas 2007.

I had an opportunity to purchase some silks and from and awaiting the new autumn colors to play around with.
If, you have any questions regarding these new additions to my web sight, Please do not hesitate to contact me.
and I will send additional pictures, as this is a one of a kind Artisan all sales are final. So need to ask questions before you hit that buy button.
Both tea cozies are postage free and come with insurance. They both come in dust covers and a spiffy travel box. Always a box of Lady Grey Tea for your further tea experiences.
as always,
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you