Sunday, March 8, 2009

House Mouse and Tiny Pouch

Been a busy week this week? It sure has for me. Still working on my machine,

Mr. Happy is still not Happy.

He is at least out of the hospital were major surgery was

performed by Mr. Mike.

That went well but, now he refuses to pick up the

bobbin thread!


I did manage one design this past week or so,

it is of a House Mouse, pictured above.
This is a small pouch 7x7 in the shape of a medieval pouch worm by the ladies and gents of the past
It is an embroidered house mouse in gold and bronze metallic thread
on a micro suede red fabric
with a William and Morris inside.
Two lamp work beads of silver hang from each point.
He is on my ESTy sight for a full viewing.
This week the mail man was also good to me, I had ordered parchment papers
from a paper mill in Europe and they have started to arrive.
A beautiful ivory with a brown look of old parchment paper,
gold in color and a regular parchment
along with this I managed to obtain some colored Villium in
a delightful assortment of colors, melon, midnight navy and French blues,
for the header pages of a zillion things I have listed in my little travel journal.
Next, I have been playing on line with a leather shop that puts up bookkeeping leather pelts
starting out at .99 ! Yep, under a dollar.
They are six or seven days out ....and this week alone I managed to be the only bidder of
two lovely mint leathers and a red wine large unit of cafe skin!
I always have such fun with e:bay especially when I win.
Do any of you have any luck with e:bay?
I know we share with each other were they have sales and good deals
both my embroidery groups and the bindery book.
I would like to Thank the gals from Austria for their lovely welcome home gift! It is a
stunner, I love this group!
also the funny person who sent me a black journal! The paper is black as well as all else.
I have not had good luck with the writing instrument, using a white gel pen,
silver was ok, I think I might have to get a fresher one?
Any way, it is interesting as to the binding ... it is a unique, soon as my camera is ready again
I will try and post this Black Beauty...also, please tell me who sent this to me.
I want you to teach the binding! Great binding!
I believe I remember seeing it in one of my Keith Smiths books?
Now, I have to hunt like crazy,
Anyway, Thank You again for t his treat.
I love to hear your adventurers so e:mail with your
e:mail me
I love your mail.
as always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you,