Saturday, August 30, 2008

Darksome Night and Shinning Moon ...

Hello and big waves from Arizona and SilveryMoonbeams. I have been working every day to finish up some of the projects that have been awaiting items, materials to finish. This second journal that is shown is the result of a cleaning session in the studio, I found several of the beautiful hummingbirds from Red Moon Gardens designs, I had introduced the designs while I was testing back in July new metallic threads. This Silvermoon Garden Journal is the result of finding the panels, The first picture is the inside back flap, Showing the hand torn pages and the floral pocket, also showing the bookmark that is attached with a watch you do not spend to much time in dream land.
You can see that distressed ink of the torn pages, The stamped and colored of each page, and the
gold on some of the pages.
This is the side of the journal.
The Front of the SilveryMoonbeams Journal with the Hummingbird from Red Moon Gardens designs.
This is the close up of the feathers on the bird on the back of the journal, also a closeup of the watch ....telling correct time too!
This is the front and the back of the journal showing the spine, The ribbons actually are holding the signaturers to the cover. This makes the journal pages to slide out or to slide new sheets back case you want to get ride of a thought or so...
The is the inside of the flap, The freestanding lace panel is actually a book front, but heck, I love pockets so had to put a few. The penny also comes with the journal, It can only be spent on the Moon.
This is the fan out of pages of the journal.
This is not the journal that I have been working on so very long. That Journal is an Art Deco style, I am waiting on the Hunter Green Suede to come in and be shipped to me. I love the shade of this green and get an entire bolt of this and a navy, For the longest time the shipper has not been able to obtain this, He tells me it is on its way, but it must be way the Milky Way...
So I wait.
I will not be placing this journal on Esty, if, it does not sale...Well, the rule is it is mine for personal use. I normally prep air a yearly journal , I like a much smaller journal for my personal use but this journal is 6 1/2 X 9 1/2 Still not too large.
If, your interested in the purchase of this journal just drop a line and I can send other views of whatever and discuss a discount in price.
I have enjoyed the making of this little one, but....have a ton of parchment papers to be torn and colored....for the next little one.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.