Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is it Fall Yet?

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Feel like jumping for joy! Fall is in the air! At last!
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When the nights grow shorter and the wind moves through the trees with a gentle hiss of cool, I am back home.
Sure has been a long time.

When I was trying to access the Internet, it has been a hit and a miss.
I have only been on line enough to add a few listing to my Etsy shop, and
fingers crossed that I will be able to continue to keep this blog up and running. Seems like an entire year since I have been able to post.

Not my fault. What I have been doing is listing all of my books in the library.

Mike purchased a scanner for our extensive collection and now, I have been working to get them listed.

The scanner was from Book Collections and boy, this is the greatest little scanner. It is a small handheld about the size of a match book, you can scan an entire shelf of books and it up loads them to your computer by the books ISBN number code, It then scans for the information of the book and the cover of the book that you have scanned.

Amazing, I have been scanning forever! The only feature that I am Never going to look at again is the total cost of the collection, Last I looked, I almost fainted. So, I will Never look at that section again!
I can say, Mike will be a billionaire some day! lol

This past July I turned officially an old lady! However, Medicare has taken its amount and I have to get a doctor to treat me as the post hospital has kicked me out! I collected my bundle of papers called my records this morning and tomorrow I see a new internist.
He is 5 miles from here and well recommended.

I will cut this first post back and looking forward to visiting with you and sharing the adventurers of a senior citizen.

I am also behind in my Amazon Vine reviews, Not that I have not read the books, the advanced proofs...just could not stay on line long enough to get the reviews posted, without then being trashed. Sure hope this connection is much more stable than the last connector.

As always,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.

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Oh! Almost forgot, I lost Bumblebee.com to another, so will be looking for another web site this season. I might try it as SilveryMoonbeams. Who knows? :)

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