Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Meet the Mermaids ....

Second Mermaid is in the color tones of purple, flesh and blues....Her hair is a seaweed color, Like brown and burnish green....cannot really tell the color from this photo...Out of the two I am leaning toward the grren ...or first one.
I do like the purple sheen in this new Mermaids tail ....Have been given another hair color of red, and and orange...I am going to combine the two for an orange red color Like Disneys Little Mermaid....and a purple suggestion too. I will be busy with these two requests, if you have a hair color that you think would just let me know, I will be testing till I get it just right for Miss. Mermaid!
thanks for all the help, I need it to get away from the blue and green, I keep seeing...

Love this bottom coloration ......NOw if, I can only remember the colors I

RE# Mermaids to Go .....

Wednesday, December 20th, While most people are finishing up on Christmas I am about to embark on January, So I am testing colors for a "Mermaid Theme" This is the first of many, many mermaids that I will under go to find that Perfect Miss. Mermaid!
This one is a sea green undertone, My hubby, tells me that Mermaids alays have "green hair" Yah, well...I did the first one with"Green hair". but I got a feeling I will be giving my Mermaids all colors of hair in the weeks to follow.
Oh, If, I do not get back to the blog by Christmas Eve, You Have a Wonderful Christmas ....Silvery Moonbeams over you, Sierra