Saturday, October 4, 2008

Opps! Sorry! Correction to link of JoEllens Husky Designs....

Fall is in the air here in Arizona, Have my windows wide open and the
the breeze is just wonderful. This last summer season was a hot one, or at least so I hear, I stay inside most of the day so I miss the oven heat of the days.
Been busy since I last have written, Much has been happening here in Bumblebee Studio, Shown in the first picture is the first of a logo for Bumblebee Lane a round die cut of bees! I hope to have them made into Business cards,
It will also be listed on the Esty Shop for sale along with the other die cuts made available,

The Esty shop is all Halloween, Journals and Scrapbook's will love the Halloween die cuts. Also,
The small bound book is one of my first to use Tarot Cards and a Medieval Print on the front and back of the little book,
I purchased this book off line and when it came it was in dreadful shape. So dreadful that I did not even want to take her picture, so I restored the binding and the cover, She had extensive water damage on her, but now she graces my shelves in the Bookbinding section.
Also, The final trim from Joellen of Husky Design is also shown.
The Constant Traveler Journals are finished and in a few days I will be starting the Shakespeare
Journals, All of William Shakespeare Books, Richard III is the first to be made and bound.
So I will be showing the books and Joellen Trims.
When all of the trims from Jo Ellen have been made, She will be offering them as a set on her design site, if your interested in

Her specialized trims. This one is called The Constant Traveler Series

for her digitized designs. Say hello for me when you get there. She is a Georgia Peach.

Binding of the Printed Book, It is an interesting little book of history of bookbinding and history of the trade of restoration of books. Exciting Reading? Yeah Right!
Great Research Book..
Speaking of Research Books, I have a ton of terrific books on Journal Making and the mother of them all would be The Archeology of Medieval Bookbinding.
by Szirmai
Also, I have been researching the purchase of another book that is
The Pictorial Bookbinders, finally after weeks of search, A Rare Bookstore in New Hampshire has
a First Addition! And it is on sale for half price! I jumped right on this one.
It comes with its own Embroidered Bag, I have been drafting the Jacobean covers and find that they actually used natural canvas as their fabric of choice, The velvet covers of Queen Elizabeth lasted but not as much as the canvas covers.
This book shows examples of the Illustrated Medieval Embroidery that adorned the fronts and backs and spines of these rare books.
I am duplicating the books in a blank Journal series, This book
takes me into France, and London through pictures of the rare books that remain.
As a natural researcher, and through my love of embroidery, first hand embroidery and later Machine embroidery, I have found an outlet that is pleasurable for a project, no to mention that it is a paying commission! lol
Well, as always
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours,