Thursday, August 7, 2008

We tore Up .....

Well, we tore up paper....we guiled the torn pages with gold and gold paint ....What Next You ask? Last week on e:bay I was again lucky with a superior win. The above 4 Craft Books ..won for the mere sum of $7.99 $4.00 postage and they arrived this morning! Lucky Ducks!
In the Altered #103 On the very last page in a spot that you might miss I spotted this wording....How To Age A Page......I wanted to see what the pro said...after all she has written a book on it!

It stated to brush lemon on the edge of the torn page, get a heat you use for embossing of stamps...(that's cool too!) and heat till you see the results you want. Boy! was this easy and the look of the pages are far superior than some methods.

Here is shows the brushing of lemon juice and the tarnishing of the paper.

I went a little bit on and found that I had a green walnut ink in a little glass as I am seeing if I can give a page the look of "green" I wish the ink were like an Italian Sage Green .....might try a paint and see if this water mixture in the lemon will work?

I stopped from tidying my studio to play with this technique, well actually I had to tear everything down to find the embossing junk (bg) so decided to tidy it back up along with all the other items pulled down from the walls.

Still not finished with the walls and stuff, I believe this is a never ending story.

Well, off I go to try a new espresso. Hazelnut ...I still have one more can of cool whip and might get enough for a little oz or so...

As always,

And they danced to the light of the moon ...Sierra