Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fairy in a Box - Queen of Winter

As promised, New items when my brain is awake and This is one of the first from "L Atelier" or The Studio. FOr January the item is a
winter Fairy Queen in her travel box. The box is dressed with a large embroidered snowflake with a blue stone in the center. She is the Queen of Cold ....Her face is a molded little gem and her entire outfit was made in my studio Bumblebee Lane. Her wings, are in white with crystal shine and her body, dress and wand is the color of cool powder blue.
This little fairy was made for a member of the pin doll club I belong to, but the next several will be made available on
Following a them, Valentine Day, St. Patrick Day, Easter, well you get it. lol
This was a fun project and I look forward to the next several, expecting that my hands and the pain stay away.
As always
Walk in Moonlight till the Wind sets you free.

The Queen on Angel Hair ready to fly to Kai ...