Thursday, August 23, 2007

Witches Brew Puffy Stuff

Is it Halloween Yet?
How I love Halloween! I always start way to early for a normal person! lol I finished this one
in a little under 3 months, consider this one a fast Crazy Quilt! lol
No such thing as a fast crazy quilt .... Been extremely hot here in Arizona! Loads of humidity and not much rain going on.
People say this has to be the hottest summer in a very long time. We are looking for a weekend coming up of cooler temperatures....90?
Now, to start on some Autumn, everyone seems to just rush by Thanksgiving. So, I am going to devote some time for giving Thanks, for health, friends and family.
As always Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you,

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tagged! You Have Been Tagged!

Tagged! I was tagged by the sweet Nat Handmade!
Thanks Girlfriend.
Now, I believe I am to tag another,
It wasn't a hard choice, as I have loads of people I admire , There are so many talented people
in our community of artists. But, there are a few that I cannot forget to mention in this game of tag...First is Connie McBride ., Connie is an inspiration in all art forms. She is always the very first to reply to someones needs and always so very cheerful, I admire here for her self, then as an artist. I hate to visit her blog and she always makes me feel like I am siting on my hands. She is always the first for just about any new technique.
SO, Dear Connie, I have Tagged You. You well deserve this.
Next, I would have to say it is another cheerful and honest gal, Kat Lees I probably would not be well into the "faces"..She was actually the encouragement to give the "face" a go. I had never in my life taken an on line class of any kind.
She had a CD of her classes and well, the rest is history, So Missie Kat! I have tagged you for your kindness and talent.
I know there must be a zillion who I could name, the members of the Pin Doll Alley are all worthy of a tags, but I know they will be Tagged sooner or later.
A special Thanks to Nat Handmade for her tagged to me and If, I could I would tag her right back! She is my hero, I adore her classes and new and refreshing instructions. Each class is prepared for the "project". Not one class offered in books, classes and it is the same old same old! I have taken other classes but I have made up my mind that I will wait for her classes. I have learned so very much from her.
So, Connie, Kat ....get busy and get a tagging.....
Big Hugs to both you gals,

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Introducing "Midsummers Eve" ...

Midsummer's Eve
Puffy Stuffy Tea Cozy
6 months in the making,
This is a large Crazy Quilt self-
padded tea cozy, lined in a rich purple velvet.
Weight is 2 lbs 4.oz.
And it is a rare beauty.
The Puffy Stuffy Tea Cozy is my own design,
All laces and stand alone motifs are produced in my studio
This one is an exceptional beauty, many of the designs are
from my favorite designers, Jo Ellen Husky of Husky designs made the exceptional trims....Miakay the Folk Rabbits,
The beading is all hand done and the smocking is also a hand procedure.
This is truly a labor of love and is on an intro price of
$899.00 till November of 2007, When it will go up in price along with the other large hand created Lady Grey Puffy Stuffy Line.
This item comes with its own travel box and goodies,
and is insured and registered
along with free postage.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.
To purchase this item please go to the home page of
for your Pay Pal buy button.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

LuLu Diva ....Marvelous Darlin'

Meet LuLu...Diva...Marvelous Darling!
Nat Handmade class is the inspiration for this newest Tea Cozy! She does not look like a tea cozy to you? Aha look closer!
You can see her big butt...I...a...mean bustle?
She is just a wanna bee Diva right now but, LuLu will take shape ....If, you like you can watch...AS I paint her face, give her hair and a big big hat!
Her dress well, got to think about this one...Would she be happy as Paris Hilton? A glass in her hand and a ankle bracket? Or as a red head with a Queens Crown on her head...
Any ideas you got...Give to me , I am working on 4 tea cozies as I think about this one.
So many notes in my journal and so little time.
Been shopping and you know that takes time.
So, if I have not dropped in on you for a chat, you know I am real busy creating.
And gardening ... and, just life.
As always, Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.