Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tagged! You Have Been Tagged!

Tagged! I was tagged by the sweet Nat Handmade!
Thanks Girlfriend.
Now, I believe I am to tag another,
It wasn't a hard choice, as I have loads of people I admire , There are so many talented people
in our community of artists. But, there are a few that I cannot forget to mention in this game of tag...First is Connie McBride .http://clothmatters2.blogspot.com, Connie is an inspiration in all art forms. She is always the very first to reply to someones needs and always so very cheerful, I admire here for her self, then as an artist. I hate to visit her blog and she always makes me feel like I am siting on my hands. She is always the first for just about any new technique.
SO, Dear Connie, I have Tagged You. You well deserve this.
Next, I would have to say it is another cheerful and honest gal, Kat Lees http://designsbykat.blogspot.com I probably would not be well into the "faces"..She was actually the encouragement to give the "face" a go. I had never in my life taken an on line class of any kind.
She had a CD of her classes and well, the rest is history, So Missie Kat! I have tagged you for your kindness and talent.
I know there must be a zillion who I could name, the members of the Pin Doll Alley are all worthy of a tags, but I know they will be Tagged sooner or later.
A special Thanks to Nat Handmade for her tagged to me and If, I could I would tag her right back! She is my hero, I adore her classes and new and refreshing instructions. Each class is prepared for the "project". Not one class offered in books, classes and it is the same old same old! I have taken other classes but I have made up my mind that I will wait for her classes. I have learned so very much from her.
So, Connie, Kat ....get busy and get a tagging.....
Big Hugs to both you gals,