Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WildWomen Stitched Art Brooches

Wild Woman Brooaches ... If, you love pin dolls ... and love to make them...This new paperback from Sarah Lawrence. Is a cute, cute new addition to inspiration.
I happen to be a member of Pin Doll Alley hosted by Connie, although I am ashamed to say not active in the the last months. But, I have given and got a delightful array of creative items.
Several years ago I participated in a swap of 100 people! I made little lamb pins ...I thought I was lambed out! But, the reward when I opened the package from Australia! That was around 6 years ago...I will have to dig out my box of pins from
all the years of loving pin dolls.
Also, as you can see, My Wishblad is alive and well still...I bet I have gone through a rem of black card stock....but, Have no fear.....I ordered speciality card stock from the Internet and awaiting its arrival...A felt, A metallic and a Parchment....
As always,
May you walk in the moon light till the wind sets you free.