Saturday, August 30, 2008

Darksome Night and Shinning Moon ...

Hello and big waves from Arizona and SilveryMoonbeams. I have been working every day to finish up some of the projects that have been awaiting items, materials to finish. This second journal that is shown is the result of a cleaning session in the studio, I found several of the beautiful hummingbirds from Red Moon Gardens designs, I had introduced the designs while I was testing back in July new metallic threads. This Silvermoon Garden Journal is the result of finding the panels, The first picture is the inside back flap, Showing the hand torn pages and the floral pocket, also showing the bookmark that is attached with a watch you do not spend to much time in dream land.
You can see that distressed ink of the torn pages, The stamped and colored of each page, and the
gold on some of the pages.
This is the side of the journal.
The Front of the SilveryMoonbeams Journal with the Hummingbird from Red Moon Gardens designs.
This is the close up of the feathers on the bird on the back of the journal, also a closeup of the watch ....telling correct time too!
This is the front and the back of the journal showing the spine, The ribbons actually are holding the signaturers to the cover. This makes the journal pages to slide out or to slide new sheets back case you want to get ride of a thought or so...
The is the inside of the flap, The freestanding lace panel is actually a book front, but heck, I love pockets so had to put a few. The penny also comes with the journal, It can only be spent on the Moon.
This is the fan out of pages of the journal.
This is not the journal that I have been working on so very long. That Journal is an Art Deco style, I am waiting on the Hunter Green Suede to come in and be shipped to me. I love the shade of this green and get an entire bolt of this and a navy, For the longest time the shipper has not been able to obtain this, He tells me it is on its way, but it must be way the Milky Way...
So I wait.
I will not be placing this journal on Esty, if, it does not sale...Well, the rule is it is mine for personal use. I normally prep air a yearly journal , I like a much smaller journal for my personal use but this journal is 6 1/2 X 9 1/2 Still not too large.
If, your interested in the purchase of this journal just drop a line and I can send other views of whatever and discuss a discount in price.
I have enjoyed the making of this little one, but....have a ton of parchment papers to be torn and colored....for the next little one.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hagithas Tree Goblin Journal

Greetings from Cool and delightful Arizona, been so very beautiful I have not spent much time in the studio, but enjoying the cool rain and the animals that are returning from their holiday. I happen to talk to Baby Bunny who said he is not a baby anymore and would like to be called another name, he did not say what ...but he's back and with an attitude, I hate it when he stops in the Country Club to visit his rich sister!!! What a pain he is at times. Also, Lennie the Lizard is back, his tail still short...but, that's another story. The garden is full of everything in full bloom...Lemons, Limes, Lemon Verbena, St. Johns Wort.and the list goes on and on. everything...The tree is Hagaith's tree in die cut black cardboard...Large and swirley, The holes are due to Hagaith's temper ...she missed the mark and hit the tree...but, she thinks it give the tree a really cool look, especially as it is the garden of an old hag ....

Goblin Green Journal Finished and ready to go ...This is the front of the Journal.
This is the back of the Green Goblin Journal, limited edition and a music theme.
This is the inside to view the torn pages and each left page has a cooper music score running through the page. Seems like the days are also very short to Thanksgiving and then Christmas. But, I believe my very favorite is Halloween, did I mention the candy of Halloween? No!!! oh well, any times you can go out in your normal attire , bang on a strangers door and scream Trick or Treat and then your bag gets fuller and fuller...I remember a time....long ago...not too long ago. lol!
Anyway, that the offering for this blog and I am looking forward to fall, cooler weather, and!! Candy!
and...she danced by the light of the moon

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And ...she danced by the light of the moon-Hagithas

Blank Pages for the Hagithas Journal ...A follow-up ...
Several pages on astrology....
She did not start out as Hagithas? Here real identity is on the birth record....Or could this be a daughter?
Tarot Card Page, was she a Tarot Reader???
Now, the rest of the story ....
Several weeks ago the Journal of "How to Burn a Witches House Down" came and went from this blog. I thought no more about it, several days ago in the mail a package turned up and

upon inspection it had a strange odor about it.

I left it in the studio unopened as I was not feeling 100 percent and decided to relax my hands and brain for a few days, though each time I passed the studio a faint odor drifted to my nostril's.

This morning up early and ready to attack my Internet, check for orders, and open recent packages...I opened the package and straight away I knew it was an old burned paper smell

that has been assaulting my nose.

Inside of the little box was a note written to me from at this time unknown. Also, falling out of the envelope was the "match" was was with the journal of How to Burn....Oh No! my thoughts were confirmed when i viewed a rather forlorn account of the owner of the house that was touched. The darkened pages and covers were burned to a crisp, flakes broke off the pages as I started to try and make an identification. The journal was made out of brown paper bags, my heart went out to this person, later I did learn that this is the latest in material to make ones journal....big surprise to me.....

You can see the front and back of the journal are extremely damaged.
A closer look of the damage to the front,
Here is a picture of the blank pages of this journal, I believe this

journal was in the making for the new year of 2009? As there are some personal items, like a birth certificate, used collection memories, old theater stubs...well, you know what one sticks in the daily diary.
This was sent to me and as I have already finished my own personal diary for 2009, I wonder if anyone out there in would be interested in Hagithas Journal, I am placing this journal as is condition up for sale to you first then to the Esty shop.

If, your interest in this heart breaking remains of the Hagithas coronal's and to use this diary for your personal diary in the year 2009, well, e:mail me and we can come to some reasonable terms for this item.

I know I should feel some remorse regarding the way this item came about, and I am sure when it really sets in I will be mortified. After all Witches are Gals just trying to have some fun!

and she danced by the light of the moon...


Friday, August 15, 2008

Journal Runner

After spending all day yesterday looking out the windows, reading a terrific book...The
ObamaBomination...(every voter should read this book...It is one of the most well documented books I have read in a very long time) ..I decided to do a little creating, You notice I said a little ...(bg). I always loved Journal Runners...You might ask yourself...Just What is A Journal Runner? ..Well, it a ribbon that is used on the front of purchased Journals. The one pictured is a Fairy on a Large golden swirl...embroidered on a black twill ribbon.
You can use this runner on any purchased journal and when the journal is finished, if you still like that runner you can use it, or you can purchase another, They come to you in almost any design or initials, And will be for sale on this blog before they are placed on Esty site.
The standard size for this runner, the design is 3X6, however, the ribbon wraps around the back of the journal giving you a long ribbon for a slim or taller journal.
In the next few days I will be displaying different designs and initials on the black ribbon.
Today my friend Lenard (the lizard) hung around my window again today, he was trying to tell me that he was back and I could watch out the window with him., but I the runner.
Yet, another day of rain beginning around 3pm and lasting not too long, but keeping me in the house and away from the garden. Due to the rains, the flowers are just busting out all over, The waterlilies this year are glorious!
The mothers in the neighborhood are counting the days till their little darlings are off to school, and the shelves in our local Wally World are almost empty.
Within weeks we will be into fall and the cooler nights, and a milder day time.
I finally broke down and ordered another embossing heat tool...from Alpha Stamps...
if, you have not visited Alpha Stamps and your into all the latest and greats books and altered arts...this gal carries just about anything you can imagine, and she ships normally on the same day. She does not hike up the postage and stays well within a small profit margin, giving a great price for items and for service.
I love this site. But, then again I love most sites.

This is just a ribbon that runs the front of any purchased journal.
She's a fairy on the swirl. 3 x 5 inches for the design and around 9 inches long
As always,

And they danced by the light of the moon,


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lizard Awaiting the Rains

Only in Arizona, today in Arizona the rains have been moving across the mountains...with a burst of fury. Late late night the rains started and have been off and on all day. Not much can be done with the power off and on , on and computers, machines, tv. fans, a/c ... well you get the picture.
You can read...or stare out the window. Kat and I decided to stare out the doors and Kat is my Garfield..
I was sitting in front of a black computer just looking at the window and low and behold, in came a small lizard to attach his self to the screen, As most of the screens in the desert are one way can see out but not in, I could see him but, he was un aware that his underbelly was in full view. He stayed attached to the screen for around one hour. Then the rain came down from the mountains again with a fury and he decided to go under cover....I took these shots of Mr. Lizard thinking to myself I was not the only one to just sit and stare.
When the rains dry up again, I will be!
As always,
and we danced by the light of the moon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And we Danced by the light of the Moon ...

From Lake shore slips clear voices, sliding cross the morrow surface, and laughter chiming from the deep, the faintest bell of resonance....
Meet the latest of creations from Sierras Creations...Tiny little Merbaby...She is brand new only a few hours old..but, already her attention is alive and awake. This little baby is still developing, like a little tadpole in a few weeks she will be swimming and lea ring to develop her voice.
The above Merbabies are of a different family than the littest merbaby. They sure do sleep a lot!
This tiny Merbaby will be going to a swap from Pin doll Alley. She was delightful to make, but I will not do such a tiny one again, I will go to still a baby but a little more developed.
I have finished the journal but must wait till my camera is charged to take a few foots. Must not rush creativity.
Speaking of Journals, The Burn the Witch House Down Journal is Sold. It is in the post and on its way. I really had a great time with that one!
Might be another for the Halloween Season...who knows with me. The next journal will be for fall, September and to record your thoughts and dreams to come.
As always,
We Danced by the Light of the Moon ....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

We tore Up .....

Well, we tore up paper....we guiled the torn pages with gold and gold paint ....What Next You ask? Last week on e:bay I was again lucky with a superior win. The above 4 Craft Books ..won for the mere sum of $7.99 $4.00 postage and they arrived this morning! Lucky Ducks!
In the Altered #103 On the very last page in a spot that you might miss I spotted this wording....How To Age A Page......I wanted to see what the pro said...after all she has written a book on it!

It stated to brush lemon on the edge of the torn page, get a heat you use for embossing of stamps...(that's cool too!) and heat till you see the results you want. Boy! was this easy and the look of the pages are far superior than some methods.

Here is shows the brushing of lemon juice and the tarnishing of the paper.

I went a little bit on and found that I had a green walnut ink in a little glass as I am seeing if I can give a page the look of "green" I wish the ink were like an Italian Sage Green .....might try a paint and see if this water mixture in the lemon will work?

I stopped from tidying my studio to play with this technique, well actually I had to tear everything down to find the embossing junk (bg) so decided to tidy it back up along with all the other items pulled down from the walls.

Still not finished with the walls and stuff, I believe this is a never ending story.

Well, off I go to try a new espresso. Hazelnut ...I still have one more can of cool whip and might get enough for a little oz or so...

As always,

And they danced to the light of the moon ...Sierra

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Answer to...How Do You...

The answer to my question is being presented in the form of a journal and a tag book that holds all the steps for you to successfully burn the witch! The tag book is shown with four steps.....This tag book jpg. were a download from a wonderful site .....Seneca Pond
Eileen is the owner and creator of the tag book, the tickets,

This is the inside of the tag book with the 4 pockets and the tickets, candy,tea little glass bottle and the Match!
Tiny bottle of belladonna powder,
This is the back of the tag book. Really a nice Halloween presentation. Eileens site WWW.SenecaPondCrafts.Com has a ton of nice downloads and best of all is is a very nice person to deal with. Check out her web site, she also has a shop in esty. If, you decide you would like to make your own kit of How To Burn Down A Witch!
This is a picture of the instructions that if you follow step by will have a success!
First their are 9 tickets to invite 9 of your friends to this adventure. HAve a fun Friday.
Also in the picture is a butterscotch hard candy....Witches and hags..go goofy over candy...So you will sure to win her over....then in the second pocket, you will find a beautiful Three leaves tea bag. Ask the old hag...Have You ever tasted this tea? It is a speciality of Hogs Wort....3 leaves tea..this is so, a delightful blend and a pretty color.
I bet she will grab the tea bag and run to the fire... Then in pocket number 3 is a small glass bottle of belladonna in a solid form....take this and put it into her tea cup...Not the then you get it too!
Next.....wait...and this is the really important bits....Do NOT Look in to her eyes....she will be going into a trance before the dirty deed is done....and if you look...then you get caught up in the drift and well....good buy to you .....
Next, the second most important item will be found in the 4th pocket....A Match! I know, I simple. And I really got some glorious answers...especially the one about the mirrors and a beam to capture her energy...but that seemed like a real elaborate thing to consider...So a simple match for the house and you get the old hag too!

Then comes the record of proof.....In the journal that comes with the tag book...which the artwork is hand drawn, painted in watercolors and hand torn and gilded in gold, spider webs that run on each and every page.....gees, that was lots of work!....

A broom/pen with a black ribbon so that when you fly across the pages you have flair!

The back of this journal is also a hand done of a collection of cats....Oh, I forgot to say...Please take care and let out her Kat's....they are almost no knowledge of her affairs....or so they say, I will leave this up to you to decide...Again, do not look into their eyes.

You also have a seal at the right hand side of the journal to blame if things do not go as they

This Village Journal is being offered to the blog for a week, if it is there it goes to Esty and stays here till someone wants to do the deed!

I am offering this to the blog for $39.99 plus $6.00 shipping in a fire proof envelope. Also, a hand written instructions are also presented.

If, you want a title page with your name and a blessing of a good year to come....2009 ...Just tell me at the time of purchase and it will be done.

Well, that's it. I know I have enjoyed this project more than most and I am sorry to see it finished. But, it is ever finished with only one evil, ugly, hags on the Internet and step sister in laws and gals that are always got their noses in your business. Who knows I might have another need for another journal...But I will sure to use another poison....change my MO. ....

As always, Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you,


It was a good morning untill .....

Lavender Metallic Card stock! And they sale it by the sheet!!!
What ever happened to a rein of paper.?.I figure at the price of one sheet....a rein of Lavender Metallic card stock would be....$100.00 dollars!! And I was screaming my head off that I had to pay $16.60 on line to a fancy paper store but, I at least got 50 sheets! Wow! paper has hit the roof! I wonder it is sold by the barrel like our oil! I am also wondering ....why am I purchasing paper to cut up when I should be purchasing paper just to sale by the sheet??? But, any way, I broke the bank and
the big sales of the day was...2 sheets of Lavender Metallic Card stock! Thrifty I call it, Cheap is what Mikes calls it.... So, here it is, cut up to make a small Lavender Metallic Card stock!
Then, my appointment with the dentist was up next on my day..
talk about breaking the bank! And Delta Dental paid half!!!
Again, life is just moving about me....I need to really get out of the studio more! Don't even ask me what I did when I ordered an espresso to recover from the Lavender paper and the dentist!!! I almost fainted dead away! But, it was delicious, the paper went well and well, I have a beautiful set of clean and sharp fangs!
So, next time I got out...its to Wally World to the paper by the pound for around a pound! Same weight...same color ....and I will stick to my own Italian espresso machine with Cool Whip in the can.
As always,
May you walk in the moon light till the wind sets you free.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hanging In Here!

Yep, Just hanging around. Today I was in the studio seemed like for hours. You see, I work a little on this ..let it dry..move on to another stage of another project...I am currently looking
over 12 projects that are working!
That's what is making me so tired! I really am coming to a closure on several...So, I should look on the bright side.
I placed a few more die cuts on the Esty site. And in a day or so the first journal.
It's a short day today. I am looking at the clock on the wall....4:40pm ans it is saying...tic Finished for today!
As always,
May you walk in the moon light till the wind sets you free

Monday, August 4, 2008

Esty Shop Open for Business!

Esty shop now open .... die cuts of faeries, dancers, cats and rats and bats ...oh my! Here are the first die cuts that are to be offered from Silvery Moonbeams, my new Esty Shop. All the die cuts that are
presented are the same price, $2.70 plus $1.50 postage all other cuts with the first would be 50 cents.

This couple dancing are 9 x 6 ... her dress is a third unit, I left it open from her foot to let you see that it is not attached.
I wanted a bookplate for my journals and this is the first of the lot. They are all matching faeries...This is a large one, for a full

book plate look...

I think this one is my favorite! I think of happy songs when I look at the Three Little Faeries are We....
This is a set of Halloween die cuts. the round dots are not attached and you will get 2 of each of the critters, 6 dots, and three small dots that are stamped! This set will also be $2.70 plus $1.50 shipping.

In a few days I will put up my first journal for sale, and after that die cuts....If you have a special die cut, tell me and I will see what I can do.

I opened this shop for small items that I play with and have hanging around the house. I thought, I wonder if someone else would like to use the die cuts for their stamp books or journals?

So, we shall see.

Thanks again for all the encouragement that I have gotten in the opening of this Esty adventure.

Esty Shop:die cuts, journals:

As always,

Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you..