Monday, January 21, 2008


Is this tea pot sitting straight? Or is it tilted slightly...Is it drunk or what? The is an interesting find of mine.
In keeping with the unusual and unique, when I found this tea pot...It called out to me....Got to have it!....Turned out it was them! lol

It is called a a SYP tea pot....SYP meaning ..."Simple Yet Perfect" pot of tea... You see the earl of Dundonald from Scotland invented this tilting tea pot . It makes a good cuppa. And it is unique and interesting. How it works , put the leaves of your tea on the built in infuser self. fill with hot water and lay the tea pot on its back....As the tea darkens to your desired strength,first tilt the pot to its vertical position and let the tea drain from the infuser. With the water no longer bathing in the leaves, the brew does not becomebitterr. Simple Yet Effective.

Fussier shelf inside the tilter tea pot. Clever....This tea pot is a updated one made in China and imported the same place my China Tea comes from. The German version...Made out of fine china and listed in Wedge wood Catalog made a decorative version until around 1930. Very very pretty....but they now sale for well over $550.00 if and I say if, you can find one. I ran across one in Berlin, Germany in 1984 but, I was a student and broke as usual. And I would not pay that much for a 2 cupper....Well, I might now....but I do not have to...I have the up dated version.
If, you are interest in obtaining one for your collection, you can e:mail me, I do not have another

here in the USA but, I can get another in a week or so, They run around $55.00 plus $4.95 postage. Makes a great Valentine gift for that special person or, to treat your self!

Let me know if This Drunken Tea Pot is of interest to you, if enough are...might ask for a discount....One can dream....

As always,

May you walk in Moonlight till the wind sets you free.