Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Living Book ,Hocus Pocus


                                Lets continue on with the second part of our Living Book from Hocus Pocus.   

Place a backing on your paper bag fax leather.  I used an iron on type. note:  glue the clay snake down and stitch the hemp to look like the picture of the living book.  Then apply the backing.

colors are your selections, I have given examples of the three selected colors in light medium and dark, some with gold streaks, some with a light senna. A acrylic paint was used, spread on to give texture to the surface.
Now, we need to skip over to the clay part of this project.  One of the gals have decided to use clay for the entire book.
I used a clay that you should bake, and instead of the oven, I used an embossing iron and the clay turned into a plastic feeling.  I also made the cor nor elements and an eye, made of gold leather, and a glass stone.  I am not really pleased with the eye, so I probably will go back to the clay and see what comes up.
The above picture of the stitching that holds the snake down I placed the stitches on before I placed the backing.I used a hemp and carefully went through the paper, If, a hole occurred, I sealed it with a quick drying glue.

The white strip on the left of the snake is a paper embellishment, I thought it looked like a snake 

The last is a picture of the head of the snake and the paper bag that when painted looks like leather. The embossing iron burned some of the clay and it looks like a skin, or so I think. (bg)

In a few days I will give a link for the papers found in the living book, They are in red ink and I used a antique paper to print on.  But, let me not get ahead of myself.
Work on your clay snakes and the living eye,, if  you need to convo me, please do, I will try and help .

I probably did not give good instructions, please forgive me.

I would like to tell about the Noddle's ink contest, you have a year to provide the Noodle's ink company with a design, there logo is a catfish, Use the catfish anyway you like, must use Noodle's ink and ink pens.
The first place has a wonderful selection of all of their pen, plus a pro to type of a precious metal fountain pen.

The link for the video is ....

Be sure to watch the video, the prizes are so cool.  I am already thinking of a Catfish who comes from outer space, or maybe the sea....stupid me!

Until next time,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.