Monday, March 26, 2007

Chinese Wisteria & lilacs

Chinese Wisteria! The fragrance in the evening is unbelievable! My Arizona room is like an angels haven! The tree next to the Wisteria is a Plume tree and its fragrance when in bloom is another mixture of fragrance notes that heaven has sent to me. This particular vine when we moved into this home was already in a very poor sight, as the previous home owners had cut the vine level with the ground. As the stock of the plant was as thick as a fist, I knew it just needed some luv and lots of water...For over 6 years year end and year out it gave me stunning foliage....But! not one floral bloom. Two years ago a girl on line told me to go and start hacking down the foliage and talk as mean to this vine as I could telling the vine that if it did not give me a bloom...well, it had seen its last summer!
I went out and I really laid on the harsh words as I cut and trimmed this vine back to almost nothing....The next spring I was rewarded with a few short fonds but could tell it was really trying, I again come this fall cut down and told this vine that it had to do better, the neighbor on the other side was also hacking as it was trying to grow away from my harshness over and into his roof! lol, SO Rich let this vine have it from his side....Well, as you can see the poor beautiful Chinese Wisteria just decided to cooperate this year and the fragrance and beauty of this years blooms is totally unbelievable! I have loads of other tails regarding my gardens, the lilac blooms are another story, as Mike my hubby sent away for a lilac bush many years ago, It came in a 3X6 envelope....a stick....The blooms you see pictured took about 10 years but this year the color and beauty have rewarded me from this little stick. I await the lavenders to appear, as they are from seeds...the most prized of my lavenders is a White Lavender....Will show picture rs when she is in bloom.
As always Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours.....Sierra

Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you and Yours.

Lady Banes Roses

Lady Banes in Arizona we have a very early Spring. This is a rose bush called Lady Banes getting ready to bust open. The original cuttings came from back east and as the settlers made a homestead one of the women planted the original Lady Banes in from of the library in Tombstone, Tombstone is about a 30 minute ride from center of Sierra Vista, and this rose cutting came from that rose bush, each year the library start cuttings and have a plant sale and you can get a Little stick in a coffee cup and from that $1.00 little branch....came this plant. You can see the Lady Banes all over Arizona and it was due to the caring and loving hands of the pioneer women who cared enough to bring her rose with her....They are beautiful and the rose stays every green here even in our winters.'
As you can tell, little sewing has been going on, but as soon as I can I start to tend to my garden, so in the next days I will share with you the beauty of the desert. If, I may. I do promise to get back inside of my studio and start creating but, for now please enjoy my gardens. AS always, Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours, Sierra