Friday, May 4, 2007

Geisha with Umbrella

Finally finished this Geisha, I must admit I stitched Geisha till I could see her bone structure in my sleep!

I finished her by going in with an airbrush and define the bone placement over her brows and under her eyes. The rest turned out all the way the designer wanted.
I added a purse fob in black beads with a gold tone circle and the bag is in black silk.

I have another Geisha from the same company Orfeus of Australia Brisbane
and will probably start her after I finish this knockoff Gucci one, Still waiting for the fabric to arrive...

The knockoff should be interesting.
Will post more when it progresses.

She is a pretty one, this Geisha.
I am glad she is over though, but I did learn tons of techniques with this.

It is cool here this evening, here in Arizona around 65 degrees. And for the desert that is cool. It looked like a small overcast was passing but, no, I was on line to a friend who lives in Woodstock, Georgia and she says good night quickly as it was thunderstorms and rain! I like the rain especially at night, Our rainy season will be around July 4Th and only last around 10 days with only 2 inches at most!
Well. on my way to batten the hatches and take my medicines, Another day ....
As always...Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours.