Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And ...she danced by the light of the moon-Hagithas

Blank Pages for the Hagithas Journal ...A follow-up ...
Several pages on astrology....
She did not start out as Hagithas? Here real identity is on the birth record....Or could this be a daughter?
Tarot Card Page, was she a Tarot Reader???
Now, the rest of the story ....
Several weeks ago the Journal of "How to Burn a Witches House Down" came and went from this blog. I thought no more about it, several days ago in the mail a package turned up and

upon inspection it had a strange odor about it.

I left it in the studio unopened as I was not feeling 100 percent and decided to relax my hands and brain for a few days, though each time I passed the studio a faint odor drifted to my nostril's.

This morning up early and ready to attack my Internet, check for orders, and open recent packages...I opened the package and straight away I knew it was an old burned paper smell

that has been assaulting my nose.

Inside of the little box was a note written to me from at this time unknown. Also, falling out of the envelope was the "match" was was with the journal of How to Burn....Oh No! my thoughts were confirmed when i viewed a rather forlorn account of the owner of the house that was touched. The darkened pages and covers were burned to a crisp, flakes broke off the pages as I started to try and make an identification. The journal was made out of brown paper bags, my heart went out to this person, later I did learn that this is the latest in material to make ones journal....big surprise to me.....

You can see the front and back of the journal are extremely damaged.
A closer look of the damage to the front,
Here is a picture of the blank pages of this journal, I believe this

journal was in the making for the new year of 2009? As there are some personal items, like a birth certificate, used collection memories, old theater stubs...well, you know what one sticks in the daily diary.
This was sent to me and as I have already finished my own personal diary for 2009, I wonder if anyone out there in would be interested in Hagithas Journal, I am placing this journal as is condition up for sale to you first then to the Esty shop.

If, your interest in this heart breaking remains of the Hagithas coronal's and to use this diary for your personal diary in the year 2009, well, e:mail me and we can come to some reasonable terms for this item.

I know I should feel some remorse regarding the way this item came about, and I am sure when it really sets in I will be mortified. After all Witches are Gals just trying to have some fun!

and she danced by the light of the moon...