Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yet another place to shop!

Hello and Welcome to the newest members of the Feed Biz. And Thank You for your encouraging comments. Everyone loves kind words, or at least I do! Well, since I have last posted, it has been slow moving. As much as I love Halloween, these Journals are a bugger bear! First it was the threads ... weights for different leathers...different leathers and suede's!
Amazing at all the different things to put together to get them to come out!. I ran across yet another new site for the sales of Handmade items. It is called Shop Handmade, Natural I opened an account and was treated to a nice surprise, that very night my first sale. The new shop is called "My Cup of Tea" and has die cuts available also on Esty shop.

Links are listed below:

If, you want to check out the Shop Handmade, be very very careful regarding their Gallery!...the first invoice I got was something around $356.00! for one die cut listed around $6.00! After many many e:mails and LARGE TYPE! of frustrations, I got a Web Master that in no time at all corrected the stuck Gallery Charges....When I picked myself back off the floor....same place I fell when the book cost $196.00 (remember) I found that I finally learned the Esty shop and find that their listings are for longer and so we have to wait for a judgement on the newest shop of Handmade.
But, do check them out if you have any items that are Creative of your hands and hearts. I love all listings, finding the creativity of all just Amazing!
The last several of the journals that were considered mini journals 6 x 4 inches are all sold, they did not made it to the blog. Again, Thank All of you who have contacted me for that Special Order. I love making Special Orders... finding combinations of colors that I would have never thought I would like! Orange seems to be the color of the month...I wonder why???
I also am awaiting a very special time that I have contracted Jollen Husky of Husky Designs
to digitize for the last of the Middle Ages Tome The Constant Towers. When this beauty is finished it will be placed on this blog, as it is a non commissioned journal at this time.
Jo Ellen can be reached ...
If, you happen to drop in ..say hi for me, She is a real Georgia Peach! and...her designs are to die for! She also loves Special Orders .... One very talented gal. I am glad to call her friend.
So, back to the Studio, and back to the design pages.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you,