Thursday, June 21, 2007

GUCCI TEACOZY ! Ready for Sale!

It's early afternoon, Your favorite Auntie is due to visit. What could impress her more then being served her Lady Grey Tea from your new Gucci Mink Pelt Lace Crushed Velvet Lined tea cozy?
Not much can top this little very unique item from My Lady Grey Collection.
This Little Beauty is a real treasure for the Lady's Who Take Lunch Crowd. It is a real Gucci Fabric Jacquard Fabric black on black...
The Mink pelt that adorns the top of the small 4-6 cup tea cozy acquired in Alaska, when I visited there several vacations ago.
It is a rick black mink.
This is a Puffy Fluffy Design....Lady Grey's Trade Mark Style. I developed this myself, I make the exclusive Lady Grey Line in this style. No other is used it is a Copyright pattern.
If, you see another it is a Knock off ....but, then again so is this tea cozy. Even Gucci does not know about it! lol
However, the fabric is the real deal, sold legally and to be reproduced anything other then the purses.

So, now when auntie is due, You are ready.
Prehaps this will be purchased for the dearest of friends. Your daughter for a truly Keep Sake graduation prezzie.
Best, of all Treat Yourself to this Little Darlin'.

The Lace is located on the opposite sides of each opening.
the uniqueness of this style, Lady Gary's Puffy Stuff Style is that it allows you to pour your tea and never have to remove your cozy.
It is padded in a warm heat resistance between the Dark Lime Green Crush Velvet and the Gucci Fabric....Truly a Piece to own!

I cannot say that this line is a One only, as I will be showing several others during the summer line in different colors, The colors of the winter in Europe, Rick in cherry reds, Dark Limes and well...The in-crowd colors.
The lace was all hand produced on my Happy Machine and hand stitched.
The ribbon is a silk cording.
I will not be making this shade of green in this tea cozy again. I will however, be producing other colors.
For that special color or initial on another, It will be a special order and slightly higher for this service.
It comes in its own dust bag, and carry case. Very Special This One and free shipping and insurance. It also comes with a box of Lady Grey Tea Bags for Auntie and You. The tea pot is not available.
I will be placing a buy button on my web sight Pay Pal, Credit Cards
On Friday June 22, 2004 evening
Allowing any buyer to have an opportunity to view and sleep on this purchase.
My blog goes out to different parts of the world and is viewed at different times. This notice of a buy button should allow the game to begin and be fair to all that are awaiting this Unique Gucci
Mink Tea Cozy. Most were giving a notification earlier this week. If, you expressed that you were not interested, your notice did not go out.
Thank You for Your interest in Lady Grey Line of Unique One of a Kind Tea Items.
Please if, you have any questions regarding this tea cozy, place the questions before you push that to purchase button. As this item is no-returnable. It is a very unique item and priced in
range with other from my large Gucci Mink Line. I will not be offering the larger of the tea cozies to the American market. Only the Small 4-6 cup. The Game is A foot!
As always may I wish to you,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch Over