Friday, March 23, 2007

Sign In SIgn Out SIgn in ....

Say Hello to Miss Bunny....Hide your eyes if your under 18! I mean it .....She is shy....and

awaiting to get her arms and legs attached..... I found this company

in Creative Magazine and their designer is just glorious. You can actually see the bone

structure as your stitch. SO, If, your interested in a really glorious design for details and

structure.....get moving in that direction. They also offer some nice samples for your stitching.

While your there

say hello to Olga and tell her Sierra sent you.

This beautiful design is on its way to becoming a purse, clutch....Her face is such a wonderful bone structure. This embroidery design is from Olga of :

What has the world been up too since I have not been blogging?

Looks like some have taken a little holiday...Like Me!

I have still been creating but, had other things to tend too this past week or so.

I have been playing around with shading on faces....I also have been working on my Bunny Gal..
Everything here in Arizona is in full blooms, roses budding, Plum tree in bloom...grass needs cutting ...Again! and my Wisteria bloomed this year!
SO, all is heading toward Spring....some of you have still with the ice and snow....hold on it will pass....and your flip flops will be about.
I have a set of new designs for a tea service that is awaiting so, till next time....Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.