Monday, July 16, 2007

Gheshia and LeChets

Ghesia number 4 . Golden Butterfly.
This is a rather oversized white velvet and purple crushed tea cozy.
For a very large tea pot or for a cover for your favorite tea maker machine.
This 18 inches by 13 inches can cover my tea maker machine.
Her dress is metallic gold threads and raw silks. The large signature 3-d golden butterfly is a real stunner. This phot does not capture her beauty.
If, interested in her to purchase, She can be found on my web sight:

A buy now button would be located for her sales if you scroll down the page.

This is a closer view of the 3D Signature butterfly's

Introducing Le Chet for your pleasure. Fits a medium 4-6 cup and is lined in black micro suede, The 2 panels have 5 cats each and one with a golden metallic moon.
This is a cute little tea cozy and would make a nice surprise for that special someone on your list, or to purchase for your tea experiences.

Here in Arizona it is a rather pleasant evening and all is quiet.
For me all of my Christmas commissions have been drafter and sent, made and given for inspection for the up coming Christmas 2007.

I had an opportunity to purchase some silks and from and awaiting the new autumn colors to play around with.
If, you have any questions regarding these new additions to my web sight, Please do not hesitate to contact me.
and I will send additional pictures, as this is a one of a kind Artisan all sales are final. So need to ask questions before you hit that buy button.
Both tea cozies are postage free and come with insurance. They both come in dust covers and a spiffy travel box. Always a box of Lady Grey Tea for your further tea experiences.
as always,
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you