Saturday, June 6, 2009

June , love is in the air ...

Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the world. Here in the desert the evenings and afternoon have been delightful, Waterlilies are in full bloom, Lavender is on its second blooming and all is well.
I have still been in the watercolor mood of late and above is the latest of drawings. A little peek
Below is an item that I just had to try and research, a gal on Esty who is from Salem Ma. has on her sight, the most beautiful charm braclets and an item that I just had to know more about. So
off I went searching ...The item is called A Witches Ladder, now it is used for healing and the beads are in a counting round. Much like the rosary of the catholics. The count is 3,7,9 and she has 21 but, I keep thinking that the count makes more sense if it is 3,7,9, and 13. hum...
The ladder starts with the 3 largest beads and you are to address your request in a prayer form. They you come to a bead with a spacer. Like the rosary or prayer beads, you rest..then you go on to the 7 asking for a healing for a certain loved or or family member, birds, ..whatever you are praying for, then it goes to 9, reinforces the healing till you get to the last say 13, Here you are looking into your minds eye and to visit with the person and see in your mind that person and his or her, illness. The final 13th bead you are to write the name of the request and place it in the little silver box at the end.
From there it goes to the gods and hopefully if your heart is pure and you have a real request and love for this will aid in the healing of the object.
I made this one out of crystals, in white and Green,
In Europe, the rosary is made into a bracelet and is a smaller version of a rosary and is very much like the stations. I have made many of these little bracelets for friends and loved ones.
I started another in a white crystal with a pink and red theme, for the love that surrounds us all but, my hands gave out!
I am still working on my own pages and have a little sneak peak of the henge's and latches of my book...

Here is the Dragon, he is heavy and weighs in around 20 lbs Parchments paper and a delight.I cannot pick it up with one hand, must secure it in both,

Been working on journals, and still working on the charm bracelets, this one is a work in progress....all moonstones, crystals and gemstones, I have to stop so often, I wonder if it will ever be finished.
I wish each of you a joyous week and that you can have health and loads of creativity to come.
As always,
Sending you silvery moonbeams to watch over you and yours,