Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sierras Rambleings in just that order

This week I am exploring the Readers Journal, as you can see I am in need of a slightly bigger
paper or a much more professional

I made a paper journal out of all the testing that I have been doing in regards to the paper, lemon paper, walnut ink paper ....tea washes.....and on it goes....I am looking for that perfect feel and look for a journal that is near a closure, And I cannot wait to
show you....It will be near to July if all goes well, I am learning metal works for hinges to this tomb....any guesses?

Wearing of the Green ....missed it!How could that be? Each year I always enjoy the wearing of the green and especially the food! This year I totally missed it?

So, what should I do? Have a corn beef and cabbage dinner this weekend? Forget it and wait for next year? So many decisions?

I sure hope you did not miss the fun. The first 3 books in the gallery of pictures show books that are to be used as a Readers Journal. I have pictured my reading paper journals and I am searching for a journal format that I can keep in next years Reading Journal.

This week in the post several of the books that I had ordered arrived. This book is a history of collectors of books. The title of this book refer es to a person who has a "fever" or a junkie journal like myself! The call that person The Gentle Madness ... I got a kick out of this. The reading is an eye opener as to the selections of subjects collected and a history of all the collections and libraries through out the years.

This book is a recent release as of 2008 and is by Heather Weston, a book of bindings, folding and decorative books to create and more. Well displayed with interesting techniques. The two books are keeps to join my ever growing library.

This next project which has been an on going one for several years now, is finally in a close closure.....This is a thin metallic cooper leather, I obtained it from

a leather site that caters to fashions and they have some terrible unusual offers. I love to surf this site and have decided to investigate some of the more unusual offers for the journals that are in progress Slow but sure said the turtle.

Now, this is a test ....Can you tell what it is ? I cannot give you a hint as it would then open the door to the next adventurers on my drawing board. lol

If, you guess it correctly, I will e:mail you individually and tell some.....
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you