Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mummy???Or New Tea Cozy? Mummy!

Mummy...Mummy or a New Face for a Tea Cozy????
You got me!
This is a beginning of a new and unique technique from Our Miss Nat Handmade.

This new class is killing me! I must admit I am bit late, even having to order all the fabric for this beautiful face! What? You do not see a beautiful face? I am looking and I see the most beautiful face of all!

Wait...Wait....I mean I will be doing a beautiful face....This is a bid on the large side, Nat's face may have measured around 2 inches....but, I needed a big face! So, I started big! lol

I still need to work on this, but you can see there is not seam down the center of this face! Correct?

This is the lesson...A seamless 3 -D doll face..A seamless beautiful doll face! Well, I am working on it!

Next, A series of new books along with Harry Potter (I am a third of the way not ask me to tell...I will not!)

The books are for the fine art of Knot making....You can see by the finished examples that these are great books!

I also had some help from some templates that I got from Folkwear! I am also waiting for a book I ordered from e:bay directly from China....Lines and Knots, Tea pots and handles! Ohhh...I cannot wait for this one to get here...

Well, as you can see....Oh!!! I forgot,,.,The Blue Willow set of 4 mugs and tea pot and cozy Sold...even before I got an opportunity to post it on the Monday.

A gal came in to the studio and saw the finished product, I had just started to take pictures of this set, She liked what she saw and BAM! it was gone.

I will be working on another but not in the near future. Too many irons in the fire ....

It is on the burner....SO, I am sorry that you missed this one, but there will be plenty of others.

My little notebook is jammed with projects that come to me in the night!

So, as always, Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.


Whats New!~

New, and Updated.
Hello, I know I have been not posting, but I have been so busy with finishing and starting new items.
I also have been working on a new and quite different Tea Cozy, Most of you know that I am always on the hunt for "brand New Designs" So that others may copy mine! I got to keep them busy ....
I have been taking classes from Miss. Nat and this last face class is a class...I have never in my life worked as hard on a face! Are you reading this my brilliant Miss.Nat???
I needed a new and unique tea cozy, well, I v=believe I have found it.
This one is taking all of my time and as I have been working on 2 velvet master pieces of my Puffy Stuff Tea Cozy line...A lot of hand stitching is going on here in Bumblebee Lane.
I think you will love the next line of tea cozies to be offered.
I will show you the face! Now, I know it does not look like much now...But, Just wait!