Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hold A Shamrock in your hand ...


Hold a shamrock in your hand,
Catch a leprechaun if you can,
Pipes and drums
The St. Patrick's Day fun never grows old!

It has been such a very long time that I have posted, loads of activities that I spoke of in December.
I have had both eyes up graded from blind to
20/20 and 20/30 .. With a need to use reading glasses to thread a needle.

All of my life I have worn glasses and I find myself punching in between my eyes ...looking for glasses.

The one thing that was so wonderful with my new eyes...the colors of the world are ever so clear and bright and beautiful...and...since for years I cold not see ...cob webs up high ...tons of dust every dear hubby said to me ...perhaps you should get your old eyes back and this house keeping is killing me....
It has been such and slow and steady plodding to clean.
After the eyes I started back on the testing for new medicine for the Lupus. It's not so terrible bad if I go slow ....

I have been active with the Etsy Shop and with the Bookbinding Team on Etsy. I have finished a recent swap and the books were so clever. I will be collecting pictures later in the week and posting to you.
Ordering many different papers to test, and will be sharing the results with you regarding the quality and price and location to purchase fine papers.

I am awaiting plates for a Letterpress Machine that is ready for new colors of paints.
Paper Source has a gold and a silver offered as well as a beautiful dark brown speedwell ink.
I am anxious to experiment with the 4X6 letterpress covers for journals.

So you see, I may have not been posting but, I sure have been getting ready for another year of Sierras Creations, Silvery Moonbeams and Bumblebee Lane and the products that will grace the pages of my shop.

In a different line of discussion I have two air brush for paints and the other is for makeup. When I was in Europe, this was a late the price of these air brush makeup brushes have come way down .... very affordable to all for home use.
It is a bomb .... you can apply eye shadow and eye liner that is so light you can not tell you are wearing any make up.
I am sure that the use has had this but, I never have been around big cities living in the desert.

I wait for the news regarding Medicare and how it will affect payments and benefits...I am approaching this stage of my life and my prayers tonight are that our lustrous leader will get his mind and efforts on what his people really!
No strong armed back street deals the Chicago way.
In a recent movie Eliot Ness ....Shan Connery was telling another that the Chicago way is this....When they send one of ours to the hospital we send 2 of theirs to the morge ....That's the White House Way! Enough of the soap box ....

So, wear your reen, eat your cornbeef and cabbage and think of me who cannot have any green beer again this year ....:(

May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.