Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lizard Awaiting the Rains

Only in Arizona, today in Arizona the rains have been moving across the mountains...with a burst of fury. Late late night the rains started and have been off and on all day. Not much can be done with the power off and on , on and computers, machines, tv. fans, a/c ... well you get the picture.
You can read...or stare out the window. Kat and I decided to stare out the doors and Kat is my Garfield..
I was sitting in front of a black computer just looking at the window and low and behold, in came a small lizard to attach his self to the screen, As most of the screens in the desert are one way can see out but not in, I could see him but, he was un aware that his underbelly was in full view. He stayed attached to the screen for around one hour. Then the rain came down from the mountains again with a fury and he decided to go under cover....I took these shots of Mr. Lizard thinking to myself I was not the only one to just sit and stare.
When the rains dry up again, I will be!
As always,
and we danced by the light of the moon.