Sunday, May 24, 2009

March Hare Moon ... and things

Greetings to you this fine March .. and
Memorial Day weekend. Here in Arizona it has been up and down from extreme heat to really cold....say cold like 64 the desert this is considered cold after a afternoon of 104 degrees. Everything in the garden has been busting out all over, Gardenias are loaded as well as the Lavenders, I am afraid all of you who ask me for the Lemon Verbena and the White Lavender Wands , I went by the list of people and by the date of their requests. All have been sent to you, This year I did not have the entire Verbena bushes, as I harvested in smaller lots,
I will continue on down the list trying to fulfill all of your orders.
Thank You for the orders and if, you do not want to keep waiting, just convo me and I will eliminate your position.
Now, Embroidery machine has also been up and in operable and not so ope ratable! lol I could only do standing laces, and used the initial laces for journals. All are all gone, some where posted on esty and others were on line orders.
Ok, that takes care of the business end of this blog now, to the good stuff!
This is the latest pages I have placed on Esty. This was a request for a Blessing for a BOS. It is on a brown craft paper and hand decorated with Dragons and swords with the blessing in the center for your book.

This is the back side of the blessing, lined for your personal name and date or any secrets that you might want to keep in your BOS.

This sheet is a the back page of another page from the BOS request, It is a green parchment on a craft paper that has been aged with an aging technique and decorated in gel pens and watercolors.

This is the front of the last picture, and is detailed and hand decorated with a Illuminated artwork, on a ivory parchment and technique of age ment with fire and
All hand worked in golds and silver. My camera is on its last legs...waiting for me to have pity on him and replace him....

I am in the mist of redecorating my studio, this redo has been in progress for years, it seems....and the only thing is, I take out the items but, then I can no longer put them back....has any body else had this happen? it's like when you leave your favorite dress in the closet and when you go to put it on, it is much smaller!!! I tell you this is
the elves that are playing tricks on me!!! Has nothing to do with the Sonic Snickers
Blasts that I have fallen in love with!!! Honest, I always ask if they are sugar free...and the answer I get is a I take it it is safe...No?

My bookbinding has grown in leaps and bounds, all of the items have arrived from my trip home, A binding machine, a sewing frame for books, a press and a ton of leathers. Papers in all colors and weights. I have worked in suede and now in wood and awaiting are the metal clasps that I am learning to forge. I will try and get a blog out of that, but want to wait to show the journals all together. They are not for sale as I have a private collection from the smallest of 1 inch by 1 inch to a rather large tome of 22x17 in a green English leather with a dragon work in leather....Still in progress's...yet to come.
Some of you I have heard from with all your adventures, I love your postings and I am truly sorry that I have not answered all of them, my hands are still playing up and
even if I get up around 4AM it is still around 2 AM I can always find something that I did not do!
Speaking of hands...I am almost played out this time too! So, I love all the postings and love to hear from you. May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.