Thursday, June 7, 2007

"Tea Time" and Time for Tea

Tea Time here in Bumblebee Lane. Actually it is Christmas. In July I normally start my commission for Christmas Table Sets. I am awaiting UPS Gal to delivery fabrics in which the customer has selected and some designs for me to work with, What they would like to see on their napkins and tea cozies. lol

I have been trying to finish up on any projects that have been placed aside.

The above tea cozy is just that, I made the panels a few months ago, but could never really pull it together as the fabrics are brocades and in soft greys and golden green browns. I adored the fabrics. And then I was rummaging through my laces and found some ribbon trims I purchased from Joggles about a year ago, have never found a use for them. Well, later I went for my normal Double espresso coffee and passed the two and it just seemed to come together.
I found the liner that I purchased to go with the brocades and low and behold, another Tea Time Tea Cozy was produced.
As Christmas is just around the corner, literally for me. This was a fun and refreshing cozy. I happen to have dishes and several purple and violet dishes and when I put them for display to photo, Mr. Quality Control (dh) gave me the thumbs up.
All items listed on my blog and Picture trail can be found for sale (New buttons) and that's another story that was left behind in my long time away from my
SO if interested in purchasing this for yourself or that really funny old Auntie (you know the crazy one ...everybody seems to have one, I had two!) you can find the buy now buttons on


As always, Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you ...