Thursday, July 31, 2008

What in the World ????

Selection of mounts for tiny rubber stamps .......
Feet! ...and More feet! When a person has more time than money sometimes the results are what is pictured! When I purchase rubber stamps for journals, I always get them unmounted...normally this is not a problem, but of late the really small stamps are flipping in the wind. Here and there....

So, I looked around for any items that could be used for a mount....Pencil tops...worked good! Wax initial ....worked good...but I had a Little box of clay items that were broken or not just right for pin dolls....(I never trash anything) I found some really great mounts....Feet! One of the big toes had been knocked, while I watched the bbc...I took my feet mould

and knocked off a ton of feet!

Nothing fancy, but I did paint the little toes....And as I had a ball of clay left decided they need a little zine!

This tiny stamp I glued to the rubber stamp that you get from Stamps Addictive (also hard candy) great place to get stamps! And candy!!! big grin Who would have though? So, if you are like me, get those rubber stamps un mounted and a pack of clay and a rubber mold and you imagination and creativity will also produce the
perfect mounts.

Also, I would like to mention the first of August is a special date for celebrations.
NEW MOON REMINDER... Friday, August 1, 6:14 am - EDST (5:14 am, EST = Eastern Standard Time) is the FIRST New Moon Power Day in August and is an especially potent day for wishing since it combines with a Total Solar Eclipse! This is a powerful and happy time for new beginnings! Don't miss this opportunity to make wishes for goals you'd like to reach and experiences you'd like to have.

Tomorrow is a day of romance, and ....The Movies....released on friday...The next installment in
the Mummy movies.
Harry Potter is also awakening....New paperback to be released ....Bettle Bard! if, you happen to be a Harry Potter Fan.

So, As always
Silvery Moonnbeams to watch over you

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WildWomen Stitched Art Brooches

Wild Woman Brooaches ... If, you love pin dolls ... and love to make them...This new paperback from Sarah Lawrence. Is a cute, cute new addition to inspiration.
I happen to be a member of Pin Doll Alley hosted by Connie, although I am ashamed to say not active in the the last months. But, I have given and got a delightful array of creative items.
Several years ago I participated in a swap of 100 people! I made little lamb pins ...I thought I was lambed out! But, the reward when I opened the package from Australia! That was around 6 years ago...I will have to dig out my box of pins from
all the years of loving pin dolls.
Also, as you can see, My Wishblad is alive and well still...I bet I have gone through a rem of black card stock....but, Have no fear.....I ordered speciality card stock from the Internet and awaiting its arrival...A felt, A metallic and a Parchment....
As always,
May you walk in the moon light till the wind sets you free.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Introducing "Shuugah! from Woodstock Georgia!

This here is "Shuugah!"...she is from Woodstock, Georgia. and.
Miss. Shuggah here will be teaching me the gentle women's Art of the Southern Language.
This beautiful hand painted One of a Kind Painted face came to me through the post for my birthday. And it came from Miss.JoEllen of Huskey Designs. You can find more delightful
bold faces for sale on her web sit.....

Miss. Shuugah was my first southern word, My Mike is also from Dalton,Georgia and it has taken me more then 20 years to

get him to speak faster and to give up the "Shuugah's" of the south, He knew how to say Sugar ... the southern way! Brought back memories! lol

Now, today in an e:mail Miss Joellen has given me my second word to learn...ready for this?

"Daaahlin" .... Mike is stumped with this one...Me too! but I am working on it!

JoEllen and i have never meet nor spoken on the telephone, but I bet if I was to run across her in an airport I would know her! It has been 7 years in learning from this lively personality

in Woodstock, Georgia. I am extremely fond of her and her talent and encouragement.

Even thought she is older than I am (big fat lie)....I adore her,

As you can see, Miss. Shuugah is adorned with a felt die cut that

I have been playing with....This lady will be placed into a Puffy Stuff Tea Cozy, as she is special and will not be sold. I will leave it to JoEllen in my will.

Lets hope that it is a long time in coming!

So, Daahlin's always

Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours.


Friday, July 25, 2008

From Torn Paper to Die Cuts!

Torn Paper edges to Beautiful Swirls ...Frames...If You can wish it I can Create it and Cut it! This is the advertisement for my new die cutter machine. I saw some of these swirls first in Stampers on line the yard and in felt. I thought...hum..nifty! Then, I saw them in a Journeying Store!
Neat!!! I had to have one! And three days later there I was cutting everything in site!

Easy as pie, anything, .... any design that you can draw, capture or your for the cuttings. I believe they are called die cuts!
As you can see, I can make them in any color paper, size from 8 1/2 to 39 inches....Over a yard, I have been having lots of luck with my Walnut inks and old papers. I also have not given up on the embroidery covers in embroidery.

I have reopened my shop on Esty. I will give the call Addi when I have actually posted items for your delight. If, You want a certain die cut in a certain size, keep it to your self! lol

Items that are tested and not used In the journals will be sold..come what may...Like the items that are shown ...want the daisy? The butterfly? or the frame. Just e:mail all are $1.50 plus .65 for postage. I will be playing with more intense colors soon as I can hobble to get colored and textured card stock.

Oh! Hobble, yep, fell running across the street! This time it is my knee cap that looks like a fat balloon...also my other hand hurts....I am falling apart here. But, as long as I can turn on my computer there is always items to do.

I am working on a series of Ladies from Alphonse Mucha ...journals and such. Will post when finished.

As always,,

Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you,


Friday, July 18, 2008

Old Torn edge Paper Made to Look even older????

Hand Torn? What does this mean? I e:mailed my bested friend, Jo Ellen of Husky Designs. Asking her ...Does Torn Papers mean to hand tear them, each one individually? You see, you can only ask a very good girl friend this type of question. If, you ask your hubby, He always looks at me like...Duh! Torn Papers Would be just that!!! What are you asking???? SO, to spare myself his male logic...I asked Jo Ellen, Her answer was...Duh! Torn Papers are just that...Yep, hand torn individual and Why are you asking this???
The answer Duh much different than the Duh! You get from your hubby! Let's not go there....anyway, As you can see, I am producing torn papers, to be made to look old. But, I said to myself, This paper is really old, if I tear the ends away the beautiful old color is lost....Not so, said an authority in Tim Holt's Altered Arts Distressing Pages...You see you make them look old again with Walnut Inks. Well, I thought, Some where in the Studio, I have an entire collection of inks and powders and pads...Now, where are they...Found Them!!!! So, My next few days will be to take an old paper purchased in East Germany 16 years ago, Tear the edges, taking off the old color and then put back the old color with a Walnut ink! Or tea or whatever....
Now, does this make any sense you anyone? Of course it does. Were artists! We can do whatever and call it art.
Stay tuned for the adventure of the Torn Old Papers Made to Look eve Older. Duh!!!

As always,
'May you walk in the Moonlight till the wind sets you free.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

52 ?

52 Gel Pens! What Could You give to a person who does not want for anything! 52 Gel Pens!

The other evening I was complaining to my hubby that it seems like I keep purchasing gel pen

and then when I go to do my little dolls or stamps...the darn things are dry! This afternoon when he came home...He said he wanted to help me fix my need to gel pens!
I have never seen so many in a set! Where does he come up with this "stuff" Every type of gel pen in every color! Well, I am just as happy as if I had good sense!

Also, today was my day to visit the thrift shop on post, I grab all of the spy novels, piano music and chess books I can get my hands on ....
Oh, least not forget that "Big Mama" was delivered to day from Superior Threads! You can see by the photo that it towers over the other little spools of metallic, I am back in the game....Still awaiting a Metallic Black and Pearl and an Apple Green, The company I ordered from was on Holiday so the threads from them will not be shipped till the 15th.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you,

Monday, July 14, 2008

Silver and Gold Jade Green and Browns ...

Small face to gage size was a face lesson from Nat Hanmade, Also, JoEllen of Husky designs will
be producing them on fabric, One of a kind from
Nat's Hamade lessons on faces...If, they look similiar its because we all took the same
If, you get an opportunity to take any of her classes ...jump to it....They are very intense and
the technique is so unique...The butterflys also in the background are from Addicted to Stamps...It is a roller stamp! What fun!
Metallic in
a colors that are so unlike when I first started to embroider.
Used to be silver or gold....It ran through your machine or more than not....Not!
Not any longer....

Jade Green, Bronze Bold...Gold is 4 tones and more...Blues from Powder to deep royal...Variegated in roses and gold, rose and blue with silver,Pearls of any color ...reds in many tones, silvers now also come in 5 tones and and well, you get my thoughts....
Right after my birthday around the 15Th of Juli I always break the bank and go for a years supply...stabilizers in white, and blacks....small and large...vellum in small and large...needles, bobbins...Oh, I have a wonderful time, and watch my Bank account cry have ordered metallic from anyone that offered ...One spool of 10,000 yards in a gold #07 ....Jade Greens, pearls. Some have gotten to me already...The little masks size 3X3 are for backgrounds...I have been using the tones of metallic to test for larger designs. SO far, I have not found one metallic that my machine does not like.....I have only one color to black, Never used a black metallic but, Why would I leave one of the colors still in the net waiting to be used? Nope, I will finish today with the spending and all this week will be testing the threads...
I always like to test threads and color combinations, I come up with some really interesting colors ...especially when blended one color on top of another...Glorious. This rose is a rather large design, I am testing it for a jacket ... I like the rose and its leaves....And this one will be a go for the jacket...Now, I just have to find the jacket pattern...and I will be good to go.'
It's the rainy season here in Arizona, and rains everyday for a little. All of the waterlilies and in bloom, Large as life, My frog is bigger this year...All of the lavenders are gone to the bees, Crape Murdel in full bloom and the evening are a delight to be out side.
I stitch in the early mornings and then garden in the evenings.
Mother Quail was leading her little new ones across the yards to teach them the best places to gather lunch and dinner. People always think that the desert has no life, You have to be hear to see and hear the beauty. In the fall we will again see the small hawks that keep the pigeons on the alert, Also a large blue heron on his way to Mexico always trays to stop for a meal but all the pond owners know when about he will be looking and we cover the ponds or put shinny twirlers around so scare him away...been working...fingers crossed.
Well, it's back to the many more to test. Till then, as always
May you walk in the moon light till the wind sets you free.

Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you and Yours.
In closing, I would like to send my love and prayers to
Aimee of Digidemon as her mother passed away this last week. Aimee may you gather strength from those around you and know that we all are thinking about you.And sending healing thoughts to you.
For Handbags that showcase Nat's faces ...JoEllen's site you can get you an orginal faces kit.Her
web site is : .JoEllen is a student of Nats, like myself. But, given her own personality to the faces.
To take lessons for the faces..The orginal Face Lady on line. Her Web site is:
All that have taken any of Nat's face lessons (Doll Lessons) have come away much more learned
then when we went in....Thank You Nat for your teaching ...
Ok, this is the absolute end ....Moonbeans to You.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Moon Magic

Lunar Moon Magic. Number 2 in the Hummers that are being offered on the Red Moon Gardens web site. My camera is on the
blink and does not show the real beauty of the stitches. You got to try this for yourself. You will not be unhappy with the designs. Or the price.

I have combined the designs, as they are just perfect for t his. I have to stop for a week or so, as I am due for
the UPS man to arrive with the next commission from Bumblebee Lane;s Studio.
It is Christmas in Juli for me.
I must start all of my Christmas commissions in July to make sure that they are finished and posted by November.
It takes that long to produce a Puffy Stuffy Tea Cozy.
I really love the designs but, it is always hard when you have to reject
some that are on the wrong color background. But, it all works out in the end. I am just got fingers crossed to me hands holding out. The Journals just about killed my arms and hands. The journals are all bond.. some just awaiting the fabric to finish. Then on to another project for Bumblebee Lane. I always judge the day after my birthday day is next it is Christmas....6 months in my calender.
Let me say a big Thank You for all the friends that sent me cards through the post and the electric Birthday cards that I got, Some made me cry others made my funny bone act up!..But all were a joy to get. Thank You my friends one and all.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mr. Lunarbird and his flowers ....Red Moon Gardens

Afternoon, Hope you had a great 4th, safe and happy! It is still over cast here in the Casa Bumblebee Lane, so decided to
test another of the Red Moons designs. This is a Luna Hummingbird and his flowers.
I must say..that if your into embroidery....please, please go to the site and get the free examples! The digitization is just amazing to watch!! Circles and no jump stitches. If, I had another wish ( I think I am wished out.It would be to digitize like this gal! And another item of interest....Some designers charge $10.00 and up for one design. What if I told you that the three designs show in the hoop were just....drum roll here ....Just .75 cents each! This talented designer is one of modest and talent, not in it to break your bank. These designs stitch out far better then any I have seen...You have to test one for your self...
Beautiful imagination!

Her brain is beautiful, so not knowing her, She must be a beautiful person inside and out!
There will be 12 in the series , She has 5 available but, on Fridays, she offers a buy one get one...half price really and all of the 198 deigns are just $1.75 regular price making them .75 cents on the weekends!
I bet you will be like me....had to have them all!!
Once in a while Lady Luck crosses your path ....You got to take a look!
Not your everyday Flowers.....

The detail of this hummer is just so real. It is produced in circles!Honest!
Well, on to another is evening
here, dark and rainy ...Just perfect for a late dinner and a good book.
I am currently reading Rumpole Omnibus by John Mortimer...Horace Rumpole, barrister at law married to
(Mrs. Hilda Rumpole) know to his readers as "She Who Must Be Obeyed! A comical barrister and his adventurers in the Old Bailey.

As always,
May you walk in the Moon light till the wind sets you free.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Moon Madness ...

Happy 4th! Here in Arizona there is an urban legend that states. It always rains on the 4th of Juli! It is the start of the rainy season. Where we get our 2 inches of rain a year. This year it started about a week ago with the evening rains...but true to tradition...It rained! Is raining still...No fireworks tonight! I did manage to have our annual grill foods, before it started to down pour. So inside I came, thought I might just finish that Moon Madness Journal...The result are pictured.
The cover design is that from Red Moon Garden designs. I added brown Mother of Pearl Circles and then rings
that have added bobbles of Rainbow Opalite and sterling silver,Yellow Jade Gem solid copper pendant, A Moonstone Silver pendant and a Mahogany Obsidian Silver Pendant on
to the rings that produce a handle.

The ribbon or page indicator is ribbon with a large ring like the one used for the handle with mother of pears and ribbons. All in all it was a short little project that was made with a embroidery panel on
Italian silk.
I was well pleased with the final result, and now on to another project. I have been collecting Jacobean
designs for other journals but, they are for commissions. And not so much fun as they must be well thought out and well...tedious,
I hope you enjoy the finished product and venture into your studio and get started on your own journal.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you .

Thursday, July 3, 2008

What if? ....

Hello from Sierras Creations! ...

This week is full of adventurers...Like my find of a really great embroidery design site! The picture's showing are from a collection of designs from Red Moon Gardens.
I was surfing and found her (Diana) and well the rest in vi sable.
Her site reads:

What if .....there really was life on the Moon, that we couldn't possible see? Just maybe they live inside the Moon? What Would ...their flowers and every day items, animals critters look like? well, her imagination went on that journey and the designs on her site are what she saw! by the way...she also tells that the flowers are not in the ground but, float along side of the moon, when in bloom...some in great clusters some alone...when the sun hits the great clusters of flowers it reflects on earth as a beautiful setting of the Moon,
I tested her latest design number #197 show in the along side , They are digitized like a dream...Beautiful to work with. If, your interested in her journey
go here:

Please feel free to tell her where you got her journey As a matter of fact the stitch out of the butterfly is made just for that purpose....A front cover of a journal! But, this time it is for me!
The design was stitched on Italian silk with espresso brown and metallic gold and Chinese green.
It stitched out without a break and I am very pleased with the finished product. Later will show finished product. Visit with our Moon Goddess ....

Tomorrow is our countries day to shine! Freedom! Have you every really thought about what freedom means? We take for granted the rights that other people do not have, even dream about. So, when your enjoying your ribs and brats, cokes and flags...Look up into the sky and remember that once we were not free...lots of brave men and women are awake and alert to
the terrors of the night and say a little prayer to the powers that are, I wish all of you the safest of Freedom! Happy 4th of Juli!
As Always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you!