Monday, April 30, 2007

Butterflys and Spring

Knockoffs! Bet I do not have to tell you what I have been working on?
Would it be reasonable to pay $1.890 dollars for a purse! What a life style!
But, I have always looked with envy as the young things carry their Designer Purses with such pride!
So, I am working on my own ....Keep posted! lol
Well lets see, still working on the grapes for my table sets.
Did stop to enjoy a little Holiday and now I am back into the studio and thinking of things to start and tons of projects that were left ....

This is a Buttery fly Freed Standing Panel, It is a beauty to stitch out and now, it can be a cut work or a purse front or a pillow....And the test turned out to be superior. I have been working with bobbin threads the same colors and threads of the top threads.
I have worked with Rayon from the ABC Embroidery Designs and find that they stitch on a professional machine with ease.

This is stitched on Valium and will be
washed away for a stand alone lace.

I just love the laces.
Have several new laces from ABC ...a rose table set and hit the jack pot on e:bay with their alphabets. Sea foam and
One that is just glorious White work Victorian, I will test that on Tuesday.
Today was the official start of my retirement.
I was approved by Social Security and
now am officially among the Senior citizens of life.
Being Queen is Good! ....
Finished the wire frames for the Threat er DE La mode and some of the faces. I have to do the frames when my hands are ready to bend them. This project is a slow one to complete. But, I am in no hurry..

It is a beautiful day here in Arizona, around 89 degrees, light wind and quiet, just the song birds and bunny and roadrunner here with me. Miss Kat is asleep in the Arizona room...all legs in the air and sleeping on her back! Do all Kat's sleep like humans?

Well, be posting more now that I am off Holiday and ready for a beautiful spring in the desert.
Before I end this, I would like to send a final farewell to one of the most unique women that I had the privilege to know. Ruth Ann Hermbreck passed over on April 18Th 2007 she was 76 years old and a real live wire. She will be truly truly missed by me, as she held a very special spot in my heart. Ruthie Ann, I loved you dearly and still do.
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over us all