Thursday, September 4, 2008

12 Octavo Signature ...

Is it an Opera? A Bird? A Poem? No!! its a journal!

12 Octavo Signature's...stunners Clay Fronts....Paper fronts...
papers of Mulberry, Threads from

Ireland waxed and ready to go..
Herringbone Stitches ,open spines ....and on and on it goes.This is a front from Clay and stones....Neat?

12 Octavo ..hum sounds like a musical production. Not so ... for the last week I have fallen into a hole just like Alice and the White Rabbit. What You say? I started out several months ago on a commission of embroidered journals that lead me into research in to a time of long ago and knights in armor. I have since that time gone deeper into the research of book binding....Today I happened upon a book offered for the mere amount of $200.00! Well, after I picked myself off the floor..I decided that this was the book for me... took me much deeper than any book so far, French Herringbone, Long stitches....leather, paper, skins from trees...rabbits, all living creatures, goats...lizards and to a web site of designer skins and leathers. Copper and gold infused in the pelts.! Well, my mind has just taken flight! I am on the paper trail, special threads, pasts, on and on...But, there are some really amazing book makers out their..My hats off to the artisans of this craft. This beauty is the real deal of 12 and ferns!

Learning hand embroidery all over again....only with a ton of papers and thread that tear the pages. If, your not careful!
I have been on U-Tube for 2 days now....40 videos of bookbinding...and some really cute videos
Looking at all the glorious journals that arties make! Can I do this? We will see.

I have learned so much that my brain hurts. I dream at night and fill pages on pages in my dream journal. I keep a small journal under my bed just for moments that you wake up and have a picture in your head of what your next project will be...Only with this project, I am on over drive!
I just wish bookbinding and journal making had captured me earlier in my life, These old hands are having the pain of a life time.
But, I am on a mission ....a mission of the Knights of the Round find and make that perfect journal..One that you keep for yourself!
Can it be done ? You ask? I am going to try.
I have forsaken my designs in search for designs that can grace the fronts and backs of journals on leathers, suede's, lizards back .... well, I can only hope my door bank account hold out!
I thought I had finally finished with major hobbies....not so ... hopefully I can just make that one journal that is refillable and be
Anyway, I am full of dreams and just wishing I had a new set of hands.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you.

Just amazing!