Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hoppy Ribbett!

Happy Ribbett! Merry Holidays!
Buon Natale! Frothe,Froliche! Joyeux Noel Kala!, Mel Kalikimaka!, Prettige Kersdagen!, Merry Xhristmas!
Everyone out their beating their brains out to shop? Going a little crazed?
Not here in the studio!!

Finished!! Yep, Finished. All done! Great feeling. But, it took me 6 months of preparation! lol

The Kat here has her eyes on the Little Hawk that is above. He comes every year to our garden on his way to visit his granny.

He takes care of all the pigeons and the slower of the Quails. Then he moves on, although every day or so the feathers are everywhere.

By the way the window Kat is looking through is wide open. We have not turned on our heat here in Arizona yet. But, when it does get cold...everyone is freezing! Just thought I would jump in so early in December to

chat, as I have not been very designate to my blog. I have been really busy with several classes for Medieval Botanical Illustration Course studying the flowers, birds and bugs found in the scrips of that time period. I selected to work in watercolors and inks, as I did finish the oils, but find that a more natural look is found in the watercolors.

I have been working hard on a commission of herbal books for a good friend in Europe. I cannot say when I will's been over a year and I am still in the "B's"...

The first of the year I will be traveling to have a little surgery on my eyes, corrective vision. I want to wait till February but, an awaiting a date from the surgeon.

What are you wishing for this gift season? I cannot tell you what I am wishing for as each day is Christmas for me, I have no children to purchase for only my dear one and myself. So each year we are tied in a knot as to what to surprise each other with. I did look very hard and finally selected the Tessimo Beverage Machine, the new one from Bosh. In a lovely red color. With the pods that have a bar code for the proper selection of teas, Lat ties, all in the one pod.

This past summer I gave Mike a drinks mixer, and boy does that thing make good everything, especially Smoothies, just the right amount of crushed ice. We enjoy coffee and teas so this might be the one gift he would enjoy added drinks with tea and coffe and cream all in one pod. Cool!

I am still working on the one large BOS 17X12 slow going as my hands hurt from the pulling of the book cloth. I did find a little machine that is a wonder for drilling holes, it is from 7 gypsies and called a Bindie, low in cost and works great, just by a punch of a finger it wipes through book boards, metal, tin, leather, fabric. well just about all. Holes are not the problem, the stretching is! lol

Well, I am up late and have another preselected book from Vine that is to be available on January 12th, and it is a great read, You might look for it come January, you can pre-order it now from Amazon, It is called Black Rain, and its theme is the Mayan prediction for 2012! A great read, a novel with a strong

background, the end game will thrill you. Trust me, its good.

So, till we chat again, May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.