Saturday, February 25, 2012

Drawing Down The Moon

Welcome welcome to another week and another letter, in the pagan blog project. This week, we move on to the second week of exploring topics starting with the letter "D". DRAWING DOWN THE MOON
Many witches Draw Down the Moon during Estbates. When you drawl down the Moon during a full moon ritual, you pull the energy of the goddess into yourself. To do this, picture yourself standing in a field. Above you the full moon glowing brightly. Or go out and actually stand in the light of the full moon. Gaze at the moon stand with your feet apart and planted firmly on the floor. Raise your arms until they are over your head, but keep your elbows slightly bent. Picture white light streaming from the moon, down through the night sky into you, this light is the energy of the goddess. Picture yourself with her energy and lit it totally join and become one with you. The first time, you drewl Down the Moon. And each of You may feel a strong tingling in your hands and feet and around. You are now, this sensation may spread out your limbs, and it intensified. You may become frightened. Take a little breath of air and in an instant. This feeling should banish. You may not receive this feeling. Early, each time you try to drawl down the Moon just keep trying. And you may feel the Moon energy when psychologically. The time is right. Other witches, describe drawing down the Moon differently. Some feel it as an intense heat spreading through their limbs and body. Some get the tingling sensation accompanied by a feeling of a cool breeze. Some even get quite emotional, and some cry. What ever the feelings you encounter, stand there with them and let the goddess fill you up. After you have drawing down the Moon and are filled with the goddess's energy, you can do your magic, or you can just enjoy the deep connection that you will fill with her. You need not draw down from the every month. If you have been doing a lot of magic. Helping people, and healing them, you'll probably want to drawl down the Moon and allow the energy of the goddess, the endless source, to recharge and replenish your spiritual batteries. Afterward, you will Bill Clinton and replenish. The character in terms of ritual structure, you drawl down the Moon after you have called consecrated your space. Cast the magic circle, the whole the quarter and the god and goddess. As a solitaire, there is no reason that you can't draw l down the moon. If you are a male, you have just as much right to draw down the energy of the goddess, as a woman does. And if you are female, you can cool down. The energy of God as well. Note. The sun can also be drawn down to do this stand with your feet together, and her arms crossed over your chest with her hands up by your collarbone. In the same way that you did it feel when you draw down the Moon. Imagine the energy of the sun pouring into you and filling you up. There you have it ....Drawing Down the Moon for Energy and A spiritual Feeling. Till next time, As always, Sierra May you walk in the Moonlight till the wind sets you free. In loving memory of my little Melkin,