Thursday, September 20, 2007

Introducing tha Bag Lady!

Introducing Ruth Ann to the World of Blog and
Her opening of the new Web sight..
Ruth Ann will be producing ooak Purses!
I am excited for her!
You can find her web sight here:
And.. her new blog:Bag Lady
I believe she is still working on her sights, so keep checking back to view
her ooak items!
As Always,
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you,

The Bag Lady and Mermaids...This Time Around

Hello! And Welcome Back! Whats been happening? The photo's of the Mermaids are a pin and little bag made for Kelly Bell for Pin Doll Alley's pin doll exchange for September. The bag is the up side down mermaid! The Red hair in a sea storm is the actually little pin. The older I get the more difficulty in turning the little ones, This one just could not get turned, So I trimmed it close and painted it! Sure hope Kelly does not look to close! lol...Also, I would have to mention that Ruth Ann of Tenn. Has opened her first web sight! ...called She also has opened the door to a blog. Bag Lady
Please, if you have time to check out this beautiful gal, Please do. When I went earlier She had
posted a picture to her homepage....Riding on a Camel! I am sure as later in the week Ruth Ann
will be posting her ooak bags and don't forget to leave a message for her. I wish her the extreme best. I am anxious to view her items....I know she loves laces and velvets and well she is without a doughty The Bell of a Southern Ball, Ruth Ann and her hubby live in a big old southern home in Tenn. Welcome to the World of blog, webs and tad poles!
Also, news for doll artists would be our own Kat Lees, She has just posted her Christmas elves
for your delight. I purchased her second doll, as it had a full skirt and I just know that it will make a great Tea Cozy! Please have a look at our Kat .... and from there you can travel to her picture trail and her Esty Store.
Also, if you would also take a look at the this is the creations of Connie! I know that these talented ladies will amaze you and delight you.
I am getting ready for Halloween .... I am in my third child hood. I have to start real early as
I do the entire house. My Halloween Stuffy Puffy SOLD today! Thank You, Thank You. Thank You!
Finishing up I have one more chair to cover for my Arizona Room, and for my hubby's birthday...I got new furniture and a new table that is so high (pub table they are called) if I fell off of the thing I would crack my head! lol. I will be finishing up a doll for posting hopefully on
Friday....after my visit with The Doctor!
As Always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you and yours