Saturday, June 30, 2007

Geshia Omi

Meet Omi....She is the third Geisha I have embroidered . Each and every one of the faces are just so different.
She needed no airbrushing, no change f threads.
This little one is done in one color of face color. The dimension is due to the strokes and direction of the stitches.
She will join her second sister in a tea cozy. Her Kimono is of gold metallic, I know...I know...I did this in a black and white. I love blank and white can truly see her beauty of the structure. When I release her as a full finished produce I will display her clothing and butterfly's in all of of her metallic glory.
I am either getting a hang of this designer and not fighting with the directional as this one was a breeze...

A delight to stitch.
You can find her and her sisters on this sight:
If, your an embroidery nut, like myself, You will love their designs.
I know I do...
When you order tell Olga, Sierra said hello.

She sure is a beauty in black and white....wait till you see her in her threads of gold!

It's been extremely hot here in my part of the world. And I had a touch of flue for three days.
I am still not ready to do any major sitting up, What ever I had I would not wish on my worst felon ....that bad!

I keep a little drawing pad under my bed for moments when I have a burst of creativity and can come to some conclusions....It is brimming over due to 3 days of resting and sleeping mostly, Also, I did drop almost 6 pounds!
But, could not eat anything for 3 days. And today I had toast and chicken soup and it made me sick!
Crushed Ice Diet .....Worked for me! lol

From Over the Rainbow and 100 degrees Midnight, I send you Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Three Little Maids Are We .....

Three Little Maids are We ....
First photo is of the entire grouping to date.
The Largest of the Designer Like (Gucci) is
top with real Mink pelt.
Largest in center
to the right is a 4 cup and
to the left the tiny one cup and to the right of the center is the next largest size.'
This is a little Darline',
One cup and not as tiny as her sister will be but, It is my favorite size.
This is my favorite cozy actually.
Lines in red ultra suede, and adorned with charms, a heart and bobble in silver, and a charm of London Bridge...It is laced up the back with silk cording top and bottom, The cording also cinches the fabric to make the bottom and top ruffle

This is a larger size, between medium and small, this size is much more versatile then the tiny one as, the tiny can only cover a one cup, this can cinch tighter or looser depending on the pot.

Three Little Maids are we ......
These will be placed on :

and can be purchased there.
Buy buttons located at the bottom of each listed.

They do not come with a dust cover or a travel box.

Shipping is paid on all the units.
As always

Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you.
Info...sneak peek....Coach Like Designer Cozies on the drawing table. White on White with ......
stay tuned .........

Friday, June 22, 2007

Introducing "Zoe"

Meet "Zoe". Tea Cozy to be placed on my web sight this afternoon and another of the Lady Grey Line of Tea Cozies.
This one is not stuffed heavy with a Stuffy Padding, It is however, lined in a crushed velvet, In red. It shows a raspberry color, but it is actually lined in red crushed velvet.
The design is on both sides of this little one, And unlike the Puffy Stuff Line it actually gathers top and bottom by a silk cord tightened and tied around your tea pot,
Do to the different sizes this wrapped cozy can take any pot from small to medium, Just by releasing the fabric in the casings.

The Colors of "Zoe" are a rich velvet royal blue and the lining is crushed red lining.
The design is that of :
Flowers from My Ladies Garden,
I used Cherry Red, Cimmon and metallic gold.
This shows how the back is laced up around your pot and tied in the back. Generous cording is allowed, You can cut it off it is not to your like.
This is a full view of the tea setting and "Zoe" actually on a medium fat pot.
This style allows you to keep the cozy on while brewing, seeping and then to serve with lifting the and English Dome style.

Now, that it has cooled off a little here in the studio, I can get back to work.
Here in Arizona the Monsoons start on Juli the 4th!
we are gearing up for our 2 inches of rain.
Thanks for visiting my blog and if anything strikes your fancy all items listed for sale can be found on my web sight. Just look for the By Now Button.
Remember, items that are ooak (One of a Kind) are non returnable. This little one does not come
with a dust cover but, as always shipping and insurance is free.

Zoe is for sale in the dollar amount of $199.00

As Always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you

Thursday, June 21, 2007

GUCCI TEACOZY ! Ready for Sale!

It's early afternoon, Your favorite Auntie is due to visit. What could impress her more then being served her Lady Grey Tea from your new Gucci Mink Pelt Lace Crushed Velvet Lined tea cozy?
Not much can top this little very unique item from My Lady Grey Collection.
This Little Beauty is a real treasure for the Lady's Who Take Lunch Crowd. It is a real Gucci Fabric Jacquard Fabric black on black...
The Mink pelt that adorns the top of the small 4-6 cup tea cozy acquired in Alaska, when I visited there several vacations ago.
It is a rick black mink.
This is a Puffy Fluffy Design....Lady Grey's Trade Mark Style. I developed this myself, I make the exclusive Lady Grey Line in this style. No other is used it is a Copyright pattern.
If, you see another it is a Knock off ....but, then again so is this tea cozy. Even Gucci does not know about it! lol
However, the fabric is the real deal, sold legally and to be reproduced anything other then the purses.

So, now when auntie is due, You are ready.
Prehaps this will be purchased for the dearest of friends. Your daughter for a truly Keep Sake graduation prezzie.
Best, of all Treat Yourself to this Little Darlin'.

The Lace is located on the opposite sides of each opening.
the uniqueness of this style, Lady Gary's Puffy Stuff Style is that it allows you to pour your tea and never have to remove your cozy.
It is padded in a warm heat resistance between the Dark Lime Green Crush Velvet and the Gucci Fabric....Truly a Piece to own!

I cannot say that this line is a One only, as I will be showing several others during the summer line in different colors, The colors of the winter in Europe, Rick in cherry reds, Dark Limes and well...The in-crowd colors.
The lace was all hand produced on my Happy Machine and hand stitched.
The ribbon is a silk cording.
I will not be making this shade of green in this tea cozy again. I will however, be producing other colors.
For that special color or initial on another, It will be a special order and slightly higher for this service.
It comes in its own dust bag, and carry case. Very Special This One and free shipping and insurance. It also comes with a box of Lady Grey Tea Bags for Auntie and You. The tea pot is not available.
I will be placing a buy button on my web sight Pay Pal, Credit Cards
On Friday June 22, 2004 evening
Allowing any buyer to have an opportunity to view and sleep on this purchase.
My blog goes out to different parts of the world and is viewed at different times. This notice of a buy button should allow the game to begin and be fair to all that are awaiting this Unique Gucci
Mink Tea Cozy. Most were giving a notification earlier this week. If, you expressed that you were not interested, your notice did not go out.
Thank You for Your interest in Lady Grey Line of Unique One of a Kind Tea Items.
Please if, you have any questions regarding this tea cozy, place the questions before you push that to purchase button. As this item is no-returnable. It is a very unique item and priced in
range with other from my large Gucci Mink Line. I will not be offering the larger of the tea cozies to the American market. Only the Small 4-6 cup. The Game is A foot!
As always may I wish to you,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch Over

Monday, June 11, 2007

From Vampire to Vamp Geisha!

From Vampire Geisha to Vamp Geisha! Girlfriend took one look at the eyes, and said...She has Green were the white should be! !!! Duh!
That's Rags....Got to have someone to watch over me once in a while! lol
Now she is normal looking, My shy Little vamp. Good enough for my tea table.....Thanks Girlfriend!!!!


Geisha Face Number 1 Finally!

Monday, June 11, 2007 Fathers day is over, all the grills are cleaned, and I went into my studio to tidy up a few UFO (unfinished last week stuff) .
Found my purple bold of velvet so I can finish that project too! I had already planned to do the Geisha Number One I I really liked the faces on this design set. Several weeks ago, I purchased a new tea set. Not unusually for me I am adduced to sets like some are to shoes...I had already thought about a purse, but then again I have a zillion purses. And as this was for my private stock, well...I went a little nuts. Crystals, $ inch wide laces, Blue velvets and butterfly's front and back. As last time I had to really attention to color of threads, It will make or break the face structure. Bit, I think I should have left the crystal out of her eye, At times she looks just like a vampire! Well, I think she did anyway...
This one will not be put up for sale, I am hover working on another fall design "Cattails" pictured in the following picture, It just needs to be jazzed up, They are both lines in a beautifully dark lime crushed velvet. I love the colors of this season approaching...

Cat tails, not finished, but will be placed on the Bumblebee Lane sight when embellished up a bit.
It is lined in the same color and crushed velvet as shown in the lace piece to the left of the cozy. This is an English Dome and considered Large in size.

Butterfly's on back, New tea pot set
to left....tee He...
As always ,
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

"Tea Time" and Time for Tea

Tea Time here in Bumblebee Lane. Actually it is Christmas. In July I normally start my commission for Christmas Table Sets. I am awaiting UPS Gal to delivery fabrics in which the customer has selected and some designs for me to work with, What they would like to see on their napkins and tea cozies. lol

I have been trying to finish up on any projects that have been placed aside.

The above tea cozy is just that, I made the panels a few months ago, but could never really pull it together as the fabrics are brocades and in soft greys and golden green browns. I adored the fabrics. And then I was rummaging through my laces and found some ribbon trims I purchased from Joggles about a year ago, have never found a use for them. Well, later I went for my normal Double espresso coffee and passed the two and it just seemed to come together.
I found the liner that I purchased to go with the brocades and low and behold, another Tea Time Tea Cozy was produced.
As Christmas is just around the corner, literally for me. This was a fun and refreshing cozy. I happen to have dishes and several purple and violet dishes and when I put them for display to photo, Mr. Quality Control (dh) gave me the thumbs up.
All items listed on my blog and Picture trail can be found for sale (New buttons) and that's another story that was left behind in my long time away from my
SO if interested in purchasing this for yourself or that really funny old Auntie (you know the crazy one ...everybody seems to have one, I had two!) you can find the buy now buttons on


As always, Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you ...