Friday, July 25, 2008

From Torn Paper to Die Cuts!

Torn Paper edges to Beautiful Swirls ...Frames...If You can wish it I can Create it and Cut it! This is the advertisement for my new die cutter machine. I saw some of these swirls first in Stampers on line the yard and in felt. I thought...hum..nifty! Then, I saw them in a Journeying Store!
Neat!!! I had to have one! And three days later there I was cutting everything in site!

Easy as pie, anything, .... any design that you can draw, capture or your for the cuttings. I believe they are called die cuts!
As you can see, I can make them in any color paper, size from 8 1/2 to 39 inches....Over a yard, I have been having lots of luck with my Walnut inks and old papers. I also have not given up on the embroidery covers in embroidery.

I have reopened my shop on Esty. I will give the call Addi when I have actually posted items for your delight. If, You want a certain die cut in a certain size, keep it to your self! lol

Items that are tested and not used In the journals will be sold..come what may...Like the items that are shown ...want the daisy? The butterfly? or the frame. Just e:mail all are $1.50 plus .65 for postage. I will be playing with more intense colors soon as I can hobble to get colored and textured card stock.

Oh! Hobble, yep, fell running across the street! This time it is my knee cap that looks like a fat balloon...also my other hand hurts....I am falling apart here. But, as long as I can turn on my computer there is always items to do.

I am working on a series of Ladies from Alphonse Mucha ...journals and such. Will post when finished.

As always,,

Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you,