Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mojito (moh-ito)

3 mint sprigs
2 tabs sugar
3 tabs lime juice
1 1/2 oz. of Lite Rum
Club Soda
First, you middle the fresh mint.
This is performed with a muddle ..
Crushing the mint to death.
Then add the ingredients together
Oh! You got to shake you butt as your
muddling....Songs can be sampled
from Amazon..just type in Mojito.
Have fun
stay out of the sun.
as always
Wishing you moonbeams!


You might be asking what is a Zarafina?
Well, it is the best tea maker on the market!
I have enjoyed this tea maker for
a year, using it 3-4 times a day...
til one day last week.She died..
We had a funnel for her...
She was moved from her loyal place on the kitchen counter and
left a big hole in the space and my heart.

Well, straight away I went looking for the Paper work!
Found it!
But, can you believe that the 1 year warranty was one day away?
I thought, gees just my luck!
However, as I have always been Lucky,
I decided to try. I drafted an e:mail to the company
4 days later ....
a reply..
A reply that was just amazing to say the lest.
A nice gal informed me that a brand new
Tea Maker was on its way to charge!
How about that?
Is that an amazing tale?
A big big Thank You !
Thank You!
Now, speaking of tea's and tea makers and drinks! The Mojito has found me! It is a summer
drink made with fresh mints (from my gardens) sugar lime juice light rum and club soda!
Oh boy was it a winner! Great that the mints have overtaken many spots along my garden paths! Not that I would be using it! Another of my favorite ice teas would be ;
Menthe Poivrie tee. or Just peppermint tea. Note the mint that is Pepermint and not the garden variety of Spirement. I also, had a gal who visited and she waned to know if I ever served "Southern Ice Tea...or Sweet Tea. At first I just thought...What? Then I realized she was
asking me about the "Southern Sweet use 2-3 cups of sugar and stand back and watch your heart and arties run slow!!!...Sure is tasty though!.
So, what else has the Bumblebee Lane Studio been up too? Still working on the journals, Flower Cards ....10 months to go. Finishing up my studio (brand new wall to wall cases) and staying in
as the temps the last several days have been......drum roll .....105! Yep, One hundred and five,
But as the locals say ...But, its a dry heat!!!! Yah right!
Cool inside , I will close this as always.
May You walk in the Moonlight till the wind sets you free.