Saturday, October 25, 2008

Leopard, European Trim and A very very busy Saturday

Leopards come to town in the Esty shop with a Grown Up Second in the series of I-Pod Keepers, Large Bag.
The European Trim comes in with the 4th trim from Husky Design and JoEllen and her glorious digitation, and the very very busy Saturday came in around 1PM as my hubby came in and ask me if I could tell him some of the yarns that I need to give-up, You see I lost my 10,500.00 game of chess to him and instead of our normally charge of $100.00 a game, I told him I would let go of some of my yarns from when I owned a Yarn Shop in France, way back.....get ready for this year....1986! Yep, Large cones for Machine kinning machines, Wools and Shetland Yarns....a mere 15 large plastic containers that have been following us each and every move we made from that day on....I must have paid overage fees each and every time too! I could have and probably still can purchase an even large store front !!!
Anyway, I had to close my eyes every other selection to say...ok...You can have...
well, it is now many hours and missed dinner and we still have to get all my lovely yarn up and away.
I will remember the pain and just give up the $100.00 I normally pay at least 2 times a week to him.. You would think that after 35 odd years he would let we win just once!!! I even tried cheating ... not so , lucky dicks!
Well, Anyway, The last picture is of a trim to come by JoEllen and her embroidery machines for next Wednesday, and a new book that I tried for over 4 months to get, each time I thought I had purchased this book, the Bookshop came back saying, that they could not find it, Nope, I thought I had it....sorry we only a have a first edition and no way am I up to yet another at $200.00 a pop!
So, when a small shop in New England told me that they had 30 copies in paperback and half price, I said Yes! Yes and it was through Amazon and no postage! Well, it arrived a few days ago and it was chucked full of Prayer book trimes from the London Look out Husky Design and JoEllen! Here I come!
Well, that's it for now, I will be up late in the old "Studio" making up for the entire afternoon spent in horrow of yarns that must go ...
I have one more Puffy Stuffy Tea Cozy to finish and one for sale on Esty, but it looks like I might be too late for the Esty, we will see, I need to finish fand stitching and the special travel boxes and bags they come off I go to the Studio to get started and finished!
I say hope your Saturday was rewarding and as always
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you