Thursday, July 3, 2008

What if? ....

Hello from Sierras Creations! ...

This week is full of adventurers...Like my find of a really great embroidery design site! The picture's showing are from a collection of designs from Red Moon Gardens.
I was surfing and found her (Diana) and well the rest in vi sable.
Her site reads:

What if .....there really was life on the Moon, that we couldn't possible see? Just maybe they live inside the Moon? What Would ...their flowers and every day items, animals critters look like? well, her imagination went on that journey and the designs on her site are what she saw! by the way...she also tells that the flowers are not in the ground but, float along side of the moon, when in bloom...some in great clusters some alone...when the sun hits the great clusters of flowers it reflects on earth as a beautiful setting of the Moon,
I tested her latest design number #197 show in the along side , They are digitized like a dream...Beautiful to work with. If, your interested in her journey
go here:

Please feel free to tell her where you got her journey As a matter of fact the stitch out of the butterfly is made just for that purpose....A front cover of a journal! But, this time it is for me!
The design was stitched on Italian silk with espresso brown and metallic gold and Chinese green.
It stitched out without a break and I am very pleased with the finished product. Later will show finished product. Visit with our Moon Goddess ....

Tomorrow is our countries day to shine! Freedom! Have you every really thought about what freedom means? We take for granted the rights that other people do not have, even dream about. So, when your enjoying your ribs and brats, cokes and flags...Look up into the sky and remember that once we were not free...lots of brave men and women are awake and alert to
the terrors of the night and say a little prayer to the powers that are, I wish all of you the safest of Freedom! Happy 4th of Juli!
As Always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you!