Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jacobean Bell Pull Designs

Oops! Forgot to give the link for the Jacobean Bell Pull Patterns ...forgive me.

the bell pull can be found on :

The set comes in 8 designs, only 6 show but, actually there are 8 enough for a beautiful shawl ..

All of Kay's designs are brilliant to stitch. If, your an embroidery nut like myself...then this is one

site you must not over look. The large bee is not from her collection.

Moonbeams to all.


Running with Scissors!

Running With Scissors! Seems like it anyway! lol!
Ten Fingers and toes and something going on with all of them!

Sill working on the Journals .... 5 made already ....more to test! finished the watches and they are on their way!

Newest designs from MiaKay's collection...Love Her Designs! They stitch out perfect! No thread breaks! And
always a stunner in presentation! And...finsing more to it is Summer here in Arizona! We have been cutting grass and grilling for weeks the month of June rolls in and July it is almost too hot to be outside with the exception of early morning 4AM and late evenings.....after 7PM. Where the night desert air is warm and balmy.
I have been ask to place some of the ice tea recipes on my blog and will be working on this as fast as I can breath ....also, have found a wonderful place to get unique ice tea glasses and presentations....they are really special, but I cannot get to this ..... so have to wait.
Also, I have put the jewlery aside for a few weeks as I am working on the Elizabethan Journals and find them time catching. WHen I finish I will then be working on the Summer tea cozy ...
another large one is due.
So, Please if you have any requests, just e:mai me
and I will try very hard to get to them. as always
May You walk in the Moonlight till the wind sets you free...