Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wonce Upon a Time the story goes

Once Upon a Time, how many times in my life time have I heard this, ready, and even said this? It part of of growing up.
This week has been a busy one as I have been still learning and
When I get to the part of the day to actually's too late and the night owl es will call. This is a soft journal with brown craft papers that I did manage to finish. It is on my Esty store as well as others.
The weather here in Arizona has been up and down, cool and then hot. Today, it is rather nice, a nice Sunday. I had several answers to the picture of the Dragon Eyes, and all but one guessed it right! It's for a work in progress, estimated to be around July when finished.

I feel terrible about leaving Mr. Happy in the larch, and he is really left out, the lst post was to tell of the pending marriage of a Mrs. Happy for my Mr. Happy, however, the intended was already married, She was married 7 years ago in Bali, so already married, broke my Mr. Happy's heart. So sad news on the wedding front. Several books came in this week, from Dover, Medieval Herbs and Several books on Illustrations of the Medieval.. all a tool of learning, I will post a few of the pages
but, not this week.
Hope all of you have been enjoying Spring and all the activity of nature, I have three blooms on my Myers Lemon trees, the Lemon Verbena has started, and in bloom are the lilac bushes and the roses on the arbor. Picture's to follow later...
So, another week here in Arizona,
As always,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.