Friday, July 18, 2008

Old Torn edge Paper Made to Look even older????

Hand Torn? What does this mean? I e:mailed my bested friend, Jo Ellen of Husky Designs. Asking her ...Does Torn Papers mean to hand tear them, each one individually? You see, you can only ask a very good girl friend this type of question. If, you ask your hubby, He always looks at me like...Duh! Torn Papers Would be just that!!! What are you asking???? SO, to spare myself his male logic...I asked Jo Ellen, Her answer was...Duh! Torn Papers are just that...Yep, hand torn individual and Why are you asking this???
The answer Duh much different than the Duh! You get from your hubby! Let's not go there....anyway, As you can see, I am producing torn papers, to be made to look old. But, I said to myself, This paper is really old, if I tear the ends away the beautiful old color is lost....Not so, said an authority in Tim Holt's Altered Arts Distressing Pages...You see you make them look old again with Walnut Inks. Well, I thought, Some where in the Studio, I have an entire collection of inks and powders and pads...Now, where are they...Found Them!!!! So, My next few days will be to take an old paper purchased in East Germany 16 years ago, Tear the edges, taking off the old color and then put back the old color with a Walnut ink! Or tea or whatever....
Now, does this make any sense you anyone? Of course it does. Were artists! We can do whatever and call it art.
Stay tuned for the adventure of the Torn Old Papers Made to Look eve Older. Duh!!!

As always,
'May you walk in the Moonlight till the wind sets you free.