Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thrift Shop Finds

Hats and stands and Parasols to sew. Found a Vintage Victorian Parasol last week, this week I did not find the time to rummage through but I did find some interesting patterns for Victorian Minature hats.
I made several hat stands and then....A class that I signed up for was ready to download....I downloaded the class and found I had not one sliver of fabric for this class so off to Joggles I go...Awaiting the deer suede to start the class. It is called "You Were Expecting the Easter Bunny" ...funny. I will be anxious to start and will show progress as it develop es.
Other then that it has been an active week with the garden, Summer like days and winter night here in the desert. On Friday I am driving with my hubby to Tucson to shop and take a look around for supplies that have run low. For "The Stash"
Nothing much happening this wee here in Sierras Creations or on Bumblebee Lane. but, you know every one needs a little rest from creating. SO till next time....Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours,

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Victorian Parasol in a $5.00 bag of doll stuff ....

Thursday February 15, 2007 What a glorious day for a thrift shop find. I have been asking all over to every one that would listen if they possible new of any place to obtain working miniature frames for parasols? Each and everyone gave good thoughts, Even a direct link to a doll sight that has a speciality for beautiful little dolls....Thank You dear Connie, The price on line was $13.00 plus $3.95 s/h little steep for the amount I would I decided to take another thought from another of my friends who suggested to find a Micheal's ....I would be Happy with this store....the nearest Happiness store is 170 miles round trip for me....Tucson....Arizona...I thought...ok, On Saturday I can kidnap my hubby and say I am going to Wal-Marts and take a right turn instead of left and be on my way to Tucson...This has worked only once....with surprise but good natured about it, I might not get away with it again....(BG).
So, up and off this morning early to hunt the Army Post thrift shop bookstore for a few good books at the trip around $1.20 each....And it was very very slow with little or no books that I had not checked-in myself...So, for two of us to be their Liz my partner in crime, as I am her assistant...decided to check out the rest of the junk in the store...It is a hot bed of international items as most all of the PSC (permeated change of status) army lingo....from Japan, from France and most German families come from, they meet their future soldier and hubby and they transport to the USA. I have found terrific items of china, silks , wooden items unique to life this for ti's a Military Intelligence Group, specializing in Russian and now Arabic and Asian Languages. You can pass at any time soldiers from Scotland, Russia and the different Navy's of the world. A small family of int ell.
Well, to keep this from truing into a book....I found a large plastic bag of doll items, as though someone had just emptied a box of all types of doll items, heads, feet, hands, heads of all sizes and types....I thought, heck for $5.00 I can explore the world of buttons and bows...hats and hands...I did get my two books, and a lace fabric to display items on. Well, I went on with my day, searching for a new tie for hubby and some silk shirts to be picked up for his approaching trip, and Found a Ross store not new to Sierra Vista, but new to me...Lord! what a place for tea pots! Did I say that I adore tea pots and tea cups...not so much as after nay new espresso machine gift of Christmas passed?
Well, I purchased 2 and then went back in and got another....really beautiful and actually I was blown away from the darn inexpensive!
So, here I was happy as a pig in mud and when I got home I had a little girl that I used to give piano lessons waiting ...just siting on my bench on the front door. How long she had waited for my return, the gal next door said she told the little one that she had seen me drive off and had not returned yet...anyway, she was awaiting with a piece of music that I was in wonderment with....She has advanced so far I was actually afraid that I might have to say to her...that it was impossible for these old fingers to get a correct movement. SO, I limbered up my brain with an espresso and gave her a china white in a special china pot and her little own cup she keep here when she used to come each Monday...and set out to try and act like I actually could play this piece.....I was lucky and it was one that I had actually work on with her older sister....several years I managed to muddle through and she left with her beautiful hair shinning in the evening mist...I wondered into the work room and finally got an opportunity to take a rummage in this glorious plastic treasure of doll "stuff"...Half way through my rummaging...thinking not bad for parts...when low and behold I noticed a piece of cloth that looked like a small cut work...and when I reached in a pulled it out...My God! there was the most precious wood unique tooling of a tiny China parasol, it looks to be antique and came from Providence of China. SO very well made it made the one shown on the Internet look like a took pick. All of the spokes were hand carved, and it actually worked up and down....SO, not only do I have a well tooled parasol I have the exact measurements of the size parasol I need. The one pictured yeastier was slightly too large and I would call it medium?.
I still need to find an available place that has a reasonable price for lot sales but, imagine my thoughts when finding this little beauty? If their is a goddess of the parasols, I am extremely grateful for the ability to have one. So, my day's adventured was a great stash for me. Three Chins teapots one in my beloved French Tole...and an odd shaped unit called Germain Gardens and the last but not least of them was a big beautiful Bunny tea post surrounded by lavender I am searching for violet and floral tea cup before Easter rolls around. All in all I really need to get out more but, if I did that not only would I be broke but I would never bee able to catch up, but a day away from this studio and designs and machines was a delight. Still the parasol need is there but I enjoy so the actual beauty of this little Darling. The photo does not due it justice, I will not dare try an clean the fabric as the cut work is so fragile, but It found its home with some one who can admire and cherish this for days to come.
As always, Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you,

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

St. Valentine's Evening ....Love is in the Air

St. Valentine's Evening. Special Day, but then I am one of the lucky ones...each and every day is special treatment from my hubby. Perfume, chocolates and a book...Spent the afternoon making a in the picture to the left. It is still not washed out...and.. this a big how to get this little panels to go up and down and stay full open?
I could make is closed with a ruffle around the top, but was so looking forward to a full open Parasol.
Well, its late and I am very tired, as also on Wednesday it is design day. Lots of designers put out their designs for purchase. Monday and Wednesday are the designers that I look for. Nothing on Monday so left plenty of funds for Wednesdays designs. I did them fine this day, Loads of new designs and a pattern for another tote, Got to get to the first one.....that's on a list somewhere ...loll
Oh gees...another list! Well, anyway It's Thursday and Thrift Shop Day for books. IN the middle of a novel that is really not to my liking, But I started it so I will finish it...Called the Spies of Margin ... about the closure of China in 1997 ... I thought it would give me reference to the people of China....NOT! I need to hurry and read this one and get it over with!...Better hunting in the book section of our local Thrift shop on Ft. Huachucha! ....
Watch out world...Sierra;s on the move! lol
As always...till we meet again
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you,

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Little tiny My Fair Lady Tassel ....

This is the finished My Fair Lady Tassel the original size. So cute! Placed on a change purse or a key chain...It's the little things that Make an Item unique. You can also see by the dime fairy that it is like a little dress hanging on a charm bracelet.
The larger My Fair Lady is still drying but just as attractive.
Items on Sierras Creations are always on Sale from my web sight...
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch Over You,

MyFair Lady Tassels ...cute as a button

Shown in the first picture is a stitched of a Tassel! When the velum is washed away you will have a free standing tassel to be placed on a new purse!
Cute, The pattern is from My Fair Lady and there are 5 designs in the set. A little girls dress ....The original size is super small...Also pictured in the above photo's ...
I made them larger....I still am testing these designs but I am pleased as punch. All this came about several weeks ago, I ran across a pdf file of Doll Photo Improvements..The dolls in the pdf files were just stunners....The Georgian Hats and the large brims just did not go I started a research of period hats.....Amazon is my best friend not the library any more! lol
I research Parasols.....they are next, digitized a pattern and a hat box to go along...Now you know what Sierras Creative World will be working on for the next several weeks. They will be placed on
for sale....SO all of you doll makers who are looking for crowns, hat boxes, tassels and shoes and such, oh also gloves.....just give me an e:mail and ask me and we can set a price for you.
I am excited about this little venture, as the hats and the finished dolls are just fantastic....Also, if you are a doll maker in miniature, the pdf e:book is available on line and is a terrific box to help with the photo shoots for e:bay and loads of techniques.
So, till next timeSilvery Moonbeams to Watch over you

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Spring Like Day in Arizona

Violets in February, shown in the photos are wild violets that are growing all over the garden, they spread like fire. It was so bright and sunny outside that the little violets were all pointing to the sun.

If, you look real close you will see the tail of one of our goldfish, He is hiding, actually he is not doing such a good job. lol Also notice that each year when the ponds are just hanging on for dear life, I normally get a few leaves of Hawthorn, notice in the picture to the left you see he orange (that is the fish) then it looks like a butterfly in bright green leaves. This is a plant called Hawthorn and loves the cool of winter and at times he gets lots and lots of leaves, some tiny flowers. then he just goes away as here in Arizona we do not get loads of cold nights, so it would do better else where, but each year I look for this little guy and I normally am rewarded. I had most of the windows opened today and yesterday to, Its hard to embroidery when the birds are outside and the sun is so very bright.

Hawthorn leaves, Waterlilies in dark leaves parrot ts feathers that are just starting to take hold again being in the bright sun.
So, not much sewing got done this day, But, I have been resting and as the Doctor said several days ago, Either I rest a little or keep going and rest for sure! Hope you enjoy the violets and the little fish hiding, My garden will start to wake up in a few weeks and then we can go walk about and get some beautiful activity.
As always, till then,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you Sierra