Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mystery Guift ????

In the post today I got a delightful surprise! A beautiful book! As I normally order books all the time I did not take the time to open the package straight away. But, when I did I was mystified.

As to the best of my knowledge, I had not ordered this particular book! Was delighted with the cooper leaves and the beauty of the history of over 4,000 miniature tiny treasurers.

In the front of the book, it was endorsed to me by a Secret Admirer! Well, you could have and still knocked me over with a feather!
As it came not from Amazon but packaged with an over seas markings I must admit I cannot think were to begin.
The book is a beautiful book! Chuck full of glorious illustrations
from all periods of history . A stunner.
Who ever sent this book to me, My breath was taken away and I thank you for your delightful gift, But...will you not revile to me
who this beautiful book is from?

Today has been a rather delightful day as the temperature here is holding around 91 degrees and hopefully, the evening will bring a cool breeze, my studio is chucked full of machines that it is rather update on Mr. Happy, he may be joined with a Mrs. Happy, I am very close to finalizing the purchase of a second machine. So we might have a weeding soon! How wonderful! Don't you just love a weeding? lol
Enough of this chatter, I am on my way to view Mystery on the PBS station and to finally relax before my sweetie arrives.

Again, would my mystery gift giver please speak up! And their was actually only one right answer to my test. Joellen! clever duck! I will give a few more days to pro seed with this unavailing
of this article, so Thank You Miss.Joellen for the correct answer and come on the rest of you! Look and see harder! (bg)
As always,
May You walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.