Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday! What 's New?

Bumblebees, Beetles and Me!
Wish I could say that I have finished a bunch of projects . Wish I could say that their are not a ton awaiting.
Wishes , Wishes and more Wishes, Here in Arizona we have been experiencing some glorious temperatures, which mean I spend half day outside, The fish in the medium pond have a bunch of little ones that hatched out due to the still warm water temperature, The large of the Koi in the Main pond must be all girls, no little new Koi.
The water flowers are just about spent, but the roses and Germain's are still hanging on, I look forward to my little Hawk that comes each fall, Cool tempts. for him.
Inside, in the evening after dinner I spend a few hours out of the studio then back in,
I have finished 3 more Tarot Bags, But decided to not place them all at once, I did introduce the Golden Beetle a few days ago, and yesterday I introduced the Large Golden Bee, Both of the new Tarot Bags can be viewed on the Esty Shop: http://Silverymoonbeams.etsy.com
On Wednesday I can not wait to view another trim from Joellen, She has been super quiet this week, I know she has her head down in designs, although I know she likes to garden and in Georgia it is probably cooler also, I have to ask her. But, on Wednesday I get another trim that she has been working on for some journals and spines that await.
Will always post when I get it stitched and presented.
Also, I have taken a search on the blogs and find that another friend Ruth Ann is
ready with her Halloween, and displayed the Halloween Tea Cozy called The Witches Brew, Thank You Ruth Ann for your kind words and picture.
And, speaking of ea cozies ...again this year, Mine went into the post...Will I ever get to keep one for myself? lol
I have been playing around with paper products and have acquired this week some really beautiful designer double sided card stock...to die for so will be speaking of them when finished.
I did complete one Bookmark Notepad....and have already been using it thought the night when details come to me in my sleep and I write them down, no, I am not asleep when I write only the details come to me and then, I write them down, in a little bookmark notebook....Very clever idea, along with a new supply of Moleskin Notebooks that I got in the post yesterday and they are drying on the design book, I have been using a copper ink for a new technique for the covers of Moleskin Journals.
Well, Until Wednesday when the trim will be in and the Moleskin covers have dried and the fish are tired of swimming, I will post again
As always
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you ,