Friday, September 5, 2008

Every Once in a while ...

Every once in a while I have someone write to me, that they have lost my picturetrail
information or they have seen an item on But, cannot for the life of them
This is an update of information of how to reach for the stars.

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Like my cat! Only difference from this cat and Hamlet (my cat) is that Hamlet's mouth is always open and he is always tripping me...
Still working on the book binders commission, also yesterday I took a walk down memory land, a gal from Berlin, Germany who I meet almost 20 years ago, her hubby had been in the Army with my hubby and we meet each morning to swim, She traveled to Hawaii and a year later I was in Hawaii, we spoke of long ago people who made an impression on us.
Bad Luck followed her to the beautiful islands, her hubby decided to check out of a a long time marriage, she returned to Arizona, her last move before they parted, Luck has stayed with me, after Hawaii my hubby retired in Arizona, to continue his work with the government. I went back in time and realized that there were so many people that you wonder about, so I reached out to Hawaii and one of my favorite people, leaving messages to find and see what has happened in there life.
Funny, how at the end of the times, you remember vividly the
times of long ago and far away.
Well, I digress, enough, back to the studio and like the cat above Hamlet is vocal regarding his dinner.
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you,