Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter 2007

How was your dinner? eat lots of peeps? No? me either! Actually I hate peeps! My Mike loves them! lol]
It was very nice here in Arizona, while in the eastern side of this USA...SNOW! hard to believe but most of the eastern cost had rain and many many inches of yes....the white stuff...SNOW!

This was another gift from my Mike to me.....course,, he was the first to make a cup of tea for his self and I did taste a little...He likes his tea so very strong, and I am a medium strength kind of
This set I purchased and seem to be collecting the set piece by piece.....I have all but the tea pot! so still looking .......... This is the purple grape Zundt set that I purchased and it is the set called Motifs, or actually Fashion Motifs, now I need to get the drop cloth set.....pictured below for the table cloth, I will be working on a round 108 inch lavender table cloth, and this drop will be around 12 inches.....IT IS FOR ME!!!! lol....The tea cozy will be on a white velvet, lavender lining....keep you posted.....

Zundt Grape Fashion Motif is a free standing lace motif ...

This is the Easter flower from my honey...Mike...

Table drop designs from Zundt. Still need to purchase, as I got the motif set and did not see this set! lol

Zundt designs in my opinion are the top of the laces. They stitch out without one needle break or stoppage...


Easter Dinner is over, the chocolate rabbits have all been consumed....not one peep to be found! and Sopranos ....well, I got to catch the beginning on Wednesday! lol

It was a glorious day here in Arizona, Mike brought a nasty cold home with him on Friday and so did not truly enjoy his Saturday or Sunday, The little nurse jinglier was made for Michelle, my neighbor who birthday was on Thursday. She was a young age of 42. So, a nice Birthday to Michelle.

Finished the Umbrella for Kerry Seymour of Pin Doll Alley and put it out to the post pick up on Monday.

This umbrella was made from a Zundt design and embellished with hot crystals. The little bunny is holding Kerry's umbrella. It is a small wearable pin made for swaps for the Pin Doll Alley group.

I also, stitched out a motif of grapes, I am working on a table drop and purchased haft the design set again from Zundt, and then noticed that I only had the motifs and not the table drop!

So, I need to finish with the napkins and tea cozy and tray designs then go back and get the table drop designs.

Been a rather busy week here in Sierras Creations and Bumblebee Lane, the garden is tended too and all is caught up on the commission side and all of the groups are fulfilled. Now to tend to the picture trail. I have been not been current in that department. I enjoy the picture trail,

SO, another Easter that was enjoyed by all. Sure wish your Easter was a glorious for

Mums days..

I had a glorious Easter, and sure hope your was also.
Well, this is the end of the night and I am well on my way to slumber land....
As always..
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours,