Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pearles, Silk and Mink Tarot Keeper

Hello and welcome to Wednesday,
Been busy this week, and Halloween has been sneaking up on me, Big plans to finish but realized it just isn't going to happen ..not this week! lol
I did finish an item for Esty and I must say this one brought back very fond memories of times gone buy...The time was in 1984 and I was in Berlin, Germany with my huisband, He was stationed there in the Army, The winters there were bitter, Much more bitter than in France, I had an opportunity to visit Russia when I was teaching
and remember it was the same deep chilling bitter cold, Our first trip to East Berlin, had to be in a group of ten or more with officers and wives as a couple and
a Senior Officer, as MI due to security procusions prohibited, the procedure was to obtain papers when we went through Check Point Charles, later I was to go through Check Point Charlie every Wednesday to the Opera, an intire season was around 5 marks
and at 25 to one, Made this a around $1.00 to visit up close and personal some grand
My husband knew of a Jewlery Shop that he wanted to visit and the Major and his wife
were on the route for the fur factory... I ended up with a beautifl Russian stone of Ruby set in a gilded setting and....a mink coat and matching hat...later I learned that this was his bonus that he had just gotten! I still wear the coat, but the hat has seen much better days, I cut the pelts and have enough for several items,
This is a medium brown mink not like the black mink I cut up for the Gucci Tea Cozy.
Remember that ??? We do go a way back if you do!
Anyway, I made the first of the Mink Tarot Bags and in this blog I have shown a picture of my own Mike Tarot bag that a very special student made for me back in 1982,
Her name was Sharon Von Garland, I wonder what ever happend to her, She was an excellant student in math and astrology, The cards and whatever she set her mind too.
I remember many evenings in her "White Room" and her grand piano....I now own a baby grand...not in white but a Cherry Wood and think, What I think is My heart is still in Berlin as a snip of a girl with very fond memories of the bitter cold and the love that I still have around me. I mean my husband! Same

Well, anyway, I wish your day and evening a happy and to find something from the past that makes you smile.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you.