Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And we Danced by the light of the Moon ...

From Lake shore slips clear voices, sliding cross the morrow surface, and laughter chiming from the deep, the faintest bell of resonance....
Meet the latest of creations from Sierras Creations...Tiny little Merbaby...She is brand new only a few hours old..but, already her attention is alive and awake. This little baby is still developing, like a little tadpole in a few weeks she will be swimming and lea ring to develop her voice.
The above Merbabies are of a different family than the littest merbaby. They sure do sleep a lot!
This tiny Merbaby will be going to a swap from Pin doll Alley. She was delightful to make, but I will not do such a tiny one again, I will go to still a baby but a little more developed.
I have finished the journal but must wait till my camera is charged to take a few foots. Must not rush creativity.
Speaking of Journals, The Burn the Witch House Down Journal is Sold. It is in the post and on its way. I really had a great time with that one!
Might be another for the Halloween Season...who knows with me. The next journal will be for fall, September and to record your thoughts and dreams to come.
As always,
We Danced by the Light of the Moon ....