Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer in Arizona ..

Aah Summer, the time to kick back and is not a time to tear up your studio for walls and walls of ceiling to floor book cases...For more then 3 years I have been wining to get some more space in Bumblebee Lanes Studio! All of a sudden....Mike decides to start, he got all the materials and out came all of the saws...drills and well, it has been a week now and I can say....THIS IS GREAT! One thing...have you every taken every spool of thread down and all the junk hidden in the bottom of bags and boxes...It will take me at least a year to get this room in to order. And the dust and bunny balls left behind! But, the new wall to wall threads sure look tidy! Not that they will stay that way when I do fire up my embroidery machine, I managed to find the digital camera ....took some fotoes of the studio....Now I only need to find the cable to hook up to the computer....stay tuned.The one really really nice thing about this re make is that I can view the complete window...I can watch the birds drink from the fountain....little bunny hop across the side yard, Mr. and Mrs. Quill have a second little batch of tiny tiny little quills....and Orange ball the neighborhood cat who takes a short cut through the side yard on his way home.....Road runner who also loves to sleep in the tree on the side.

So, all in all the summer in Arizona is just the cats fur.....Really great. I miss the sounds of summer as we turned the a/c on at it in running into the hundred degree and looks to be a typical Arizona summer....

As always, Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you ,